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Make your home smell like Christmas

Aromas of cinnamon, hot chocolate and hazelnuts. Make your holidays a little more festive with BAM Hazelnut Spread, which contains 55% hazelnuts from Piemont.

BAM Gluten-free hazelnut spread

French macaron mix

Use our BAM macaron mix and make sure to prepare picture perfect macarons every time.


NEW : White hot chocolate

Rich creamy texture with a deep flavour and a subtle hint of white chocolate. ✨

BAM White hot chocolate

RUBY chocolate

With the natural aroma of Ruby Chocolate, your desserts will shine in pink.


Hot chocolate for autumn days

White hot chocolate with a divine coconut flavour ? Buy one, get one free.

1+1 FREE
Bam chocolate
Bam chocolate
Bam chocolate
Bam chocolate
Bam chocolate
Bam chocolate

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Become a master pâtissier

Become a master pâtissier