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BACK TO SCHOOL - Ideas for quick desserts you can make together with your children

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back to school - ideas for quick desserts you can make together with your children

The holidays are over and the school year has started. We can brighten up the transition period with sweet moments and create great desserts with the children.

In this article, we present five simple and delicious ideas for quick desserts that you can make at home with little effort. Catch the last glimpses of summer and enter the new school year full of sweet inspiration! Cooking with your children will be a fun time spent together.

1. Healthy chocolate balls

Healthy chocolate balls are a real treat as they are sweet and nutritious at the same time. The preparation is very simple: mix any nuts, cocoa powder and dates in a food processor to create a homogeneous mass that can be shaped. Roll the balls in BAM milk chocolate crispy. Children will love them. With no added sugar, but full of chocolate flavour, they are a great choice for a snack in between or a healthy dessert.

2. Homemade hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the best way to warm up and indulge on cooler evenings. Thick, creamy and rich, this dessert is based on high-quality chocolate melted in hot milk. You can add different flavourings such as vanilla or cinnamon. For the perfect finishing touch, add whipped cream and mini marshmallows that melt slowly on top. Preparation can be really simple with BAM hot chocolate mixes.

3. Fruit skewers

Make colourful and delicious mini fruit skewers. Stack different fruits such as strawberries, grapes, pineapple and mango on the sticks. Children can choose which fruits to include on their skewers. For extra flavour, you can prepare chocolate dipping sauce. This is a great way to encourage children to eat fresh fruit.

4. Simple rice spread

Rice grits are a dessert that takes parents back to their childhood. A soft and fluffy rice pudding, laced with vanilla flavouring, is topped with a sweet cream sauce and baked until golden brown on top. Warm and delicious, the rice pudding is the perfect combination of comfort and sweet delight. Try also the rice spread with apples, the kids will love it.

5. Chocolate pancakes

Chocolate pancakes are an upgrade on the classic pancake recipe. Instead of flour, add a portion of real cocoa to the batter. They will be so delicious that you won''t need to spread them with more spread, although they will of course be even better with various syrups and jams.

Making desserts is a great way to spend time with your children and create unforgettable memories. With these five quick and easy recipes, you''re sure to delight your little chefs and brighten up back-to-school time.

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