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Chocolate Paradise: How to choose the right chocolate?

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chocolate paradise: how to choose the right chocolate
Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet treats around the world, with a variety of varieties to suit many tastes and preferences.

Learn about some of the most famous types of chocolate, differing in composition, taste and use.


Milk chocolate is the most widely used type of chocolate, known for its creamy texture and sweet taste. It is made from cocoa, milk powder or condensed milk and sugar. BAM milk chocolate is a universal, premium milk chocolate containing more than 35,1% cocoa solids. Milk chocolate is popular with people of all ages and is used in a variety of desserts and chocolate products.


Dark chocolate contains a higher proportion of cocoa and less sugar than milk chocolate. Its flavour ranges from mildly bitter to intensely rich, depending on the proportion of cocoa in the product. BAM Dark Chocolate is a universal, premium dark chocolate containing more than 55,6% cocoa solids. Dark chocolate is known for its health benefits as it contains antioxidants and can help improve mood.


White chocolate is different from other types because it does not contain cocoa particles but is made from cocoa butter, milk and sugar. It has a sweet and creamy taste and is often used in desserts, pastries and as a cake topping. BAM White Chocolate is ideal for moulding, pralines, custards, mousses, mousses, ganaches, ice cream, biscuits, cookies, sponge cakes and other creamy chocolate textures.


Golden chocolate is a relatively new type of chocolate which acquires its characteristic golden hue and flavour from the use of caramelised cocoa beans. It has a sweet and delicate flavour with a hint of caramelised sugar and is popular among lovers of exclusive chocolate products. BAM GOLD chocolate is a prestigious white chocolate enriched with caramel and caramelised milk. Its flavour is distinctly caramelly, with extremely complex notes of toffee, butter, cream and a subtle hint of salt. The golden hue of this BAM chocolate will help you create varied and stunning desserts. Its taste is the result of two years of development, ensuring that it will delight even the most demanding chocolate lovers.


Ruby chocolate is a surprising innovation in the world of chocolate, made from a special type of cocoa that takes on its characteristic pink hue during natural fermentation, so there is no need to add colouring. The taste of this chocolate is neither bitter, milky nor sweet, but rather a blend of creamy, fruity and sour berry flavours. BAM Ruby chocolate is suitable for creams, toppings, coatings and pralines and is ideal for adding new flavours and colour accents to confectionery.


Strawberry chocolate combines the taste of chocolate with the sweetness and aroma of strawberries. This type of chocolate is ideal for lovers of fruity flavours and is often used in chocolate pralines, bars and other desserts. The Belgians have developed the flavour to perfection, which will delight even the most demanding chocolate lovers. BAM Strawberry Chocolate is naturally coloured with a delicate pink colour, so it does not need to be dyed before use.


Orange chocolate is a refreshing combination of the bitterness of cocoa and the freshness of orange. This type of chocolate is popular as a snack or as an accompaniment to other sweet dishes as it combines sweetness with a citrus note. BAM Orange Chocolate is a premium, creamy white chocolate with a natural orange colour and orange flavour. Orange Chocolate will delight you with its wonderful orange aroma and attractive appearance, enhancing your desserts with its colour and taste.


Recently, there has been a growing interest in chocolate without added sugar. Milk and dark chocolate without added sugar offer the possibility to enjoy the taste of chocolate without the excess of sugar, which is attractive for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. BAM Dark and BAM Milk Chocolate No Added Sugar are made with the purest ingredients, no added sugar, made with a careful blend of natural sweeteners, satisfying your cravings while keeping the sugar content low.


Thermostable chocolate keeps its shape and flavour even during baking. BAM Dark Thermostable Chocolate contains more than 49.5% cocoa solids and is made from premium ingredients. Its thermostability makes it ideal for adding to muffins, brownies, crispy American cookies or for extra crunch in custards. It also works well in combination with ice cream or as a topping for sweet banana bread.

Each of these types of chocolate carries its own distinctive flavour and texture, allowing a wide range of choices for every chocolate lover. Exploring the different types of chocolate is a real gastronomic experience that delights the taste buds and allows you to discover your favourite.

Whether you opt for classic milk chocolate or want to try something new, the world of chocolate offers endless possibilities for sweet delights. - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

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