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DESSERTS WITH CHESTONIES: 5 ideas for delicious autumn desserts with chestnuts

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desserts with chestonies: 5 ideas for delicious autumn desserts with chestnuts
Autumn is the time when nature turns its leaves into warm shades of brown, orange and yellow and offers us a bounty of delicious chestnuts. Cooked chestnuts are the perfect ingredient for a variety of desserts and will delight you with their unique flavour. As well as tasting great, they are also nutritious, containing vitamins and minerals, and are low in calories.

In this article, we''ll share 5 great ideas for autumn desserts with chestnuts that will delight your guests and family.

  • Chestnut puree with cinnamon and vanilla

Chestnut puree is a great way to start our list. Simply boil the chestnuts, peel them, and then mash them into a puree. Add a little cinnamon, BAM vanilla paste and sugar to taste. Serve as a mousse with whipped cream or use as a filling for pancakes. This delicious dessert will delight all chestnut lovers.

  • Chestnut cubes with chocolate

If you''re a chocolate lover, you''ll love chestnut cubes with chocolate. Mix chestnut puree with BAM cocoa powder. Add melted coconut butter and melted BAM chocolate drops. Shape into cubes and place in the fridge to set. This dessert is the perfect combination of crunchy and creamy.

  • Chestnut balls

These balls are simple to prepare and great as a snack or quick dessert. Mix chestnut puree with a little honey, nuts and coconut. Then form small balls and roll them in BAM cocoa powder or coconut flour. The result is delicious and healthy balls that will fill you up with energy.

  • Chestnut jam

Chestnut jam is a great way to keep the taste of autumn alive all year round. Mix cooked chestnuts with sugar, lemon juice and zest and cook them into a thick jam. Serve it on fresh bread or use it as a filling for pies.

  • Chestnut Cake

To finish, here''s a simple chestnut cake. Use the recipe for any chocolate cake, we recommend our recipe for "Cocoa Sponge Cake" and use cooked and crushed chestnuts instead of flour. You will be surprised how tasty, fibre-rich and low-calorie your chocolate cake will be.

You can also freeze the cooked and peeled chestnuts for winter storage. They work beautifully in chocolate mousses, cake creams or can be used in place of flour in all desserts.

Chestnuts are an indispensable ingredient for delicious desserts in autumn. Make the most of nature''s gift and use your imagination. You won''t regret it! - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

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