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The best pistachio desserts: turn summer pistachio green

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the best pistachio desserts: turn summer pistachio green
Summer is the time when we crave refreshing yet sumptuous desserts. Pistachios are the perfect ingredient to enrich desserts with their unique flavour and beautiful green colour. The BAM pistachio spread stands out in particular, which is a hit this summer and has been dubbed green gold for its rich flavour and versatile use.

BAM pistachio spread has quickly become one of the most popular ingredients among sweet tooths. Made from high-quality pistachios, the spread offers a rich, creamy taste that goes perfectly with a variety of desserts. It contains over 50% pistachios finely ground into a pistachio paste, which creates a wonderfully delicate and creamy spread base. Not only is it delicious, BAM pistachio spread is also extremely nutritious as pistachios are high in protein, healthy fats and antioxidants. You can use it as an ice cream topping, cake filling or simply spread on bread. This summer, turn your culinary masterpieces pistachio green with BAM pistachio spread.

For more summer dessert inspiration, here are our favourite BAM pistachio recipes:

  • Homemade pistachio ice cream

One of the most refreshing desserts you can make at home is homemade pistachio ice cream. This creamy treat is perfect for hot summer days. Pistachio ice cream impresses with the smooth texture of the BAM ice cream mix and the rich flavour achieved with the BAM pistachio spread. This spread adds a depth of flavour and colour to the ice cream that will captivate your guests. Homemade pistachio ice cream is the perfect choice for those who want something special.

  • Pistachio - raspberry cake
For a more festive occasion, pistachio-raspberry cake is the right choice. The combination of pistachios and raspberries creates the perfect balance between sweet and sour flavours. The contrast between the green colour of the pistachios and the red colour of the sugar-free BAM raspberry jam makes the cake visually appealing. The BAM pistachio spread is the perfect ingredient for the cream, bringing all the flavours together. This cake is perfect for summer birthdays, picnics or simply to enjoy with family and friends.

  • Pistachio tiramisu in a cup
Pistachio tiramisu in a cup is a modern twist on a classic Italian dessert. This version of tiramisu is light, refreshing, easy to serve and suitable for children as the recipe does not contain coffee. The BAM pistachio spread adds a special touch to the tiramisu, which goes perfectly with the milk and mascarpone cheese. Served in individual cups, this dessert is ideal for summer parties or as a finishing touch to a dinner party.

  • Pistachio snails
Pistachio snails are a great choice for a sweet snack or breakfast. Made from soft dough and filled with BAM pistachio spread, these snails are extremely tasty and quickly become a favourite among all generations. They are simple to prepare and the result always impresses. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea and are a great way to start a summer morning.

  • Premium chocolate baklava with pistachio

For lovers of rich and sumptuous desserts, the premium chocolate baklava with pistachio is the right choice. Traditional baklava gets a modern twist with the addition of chocolate and pistachios. BAM pistachio spread is the ideal filling ingredient to add a unique flavour and texture to the dessert. This baklava is a real treat for special occasions that will enchant all sweet tooths.

Summer is the time to experiment with different flavours and ingredients. Pistachios are the perfect choice for refreshing and sumptuous desserts that will delight your taste buds and your guests. BAM pistachio spread is an indispensable ingredient that adds unique flavour and colour to your desserts.Colour this summer pistachio green and enjoy the best pistachio desserts. - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

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