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Tips and tricks for perfect crinkle cookies

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tips and tricks for perfect crinkle cookies
Chocolate crinkle cookies are more than just a dessert; they are a work of art that combines taste and aesthetics. In this article, we'll explore the different techniques and secrets you can use to create the perfect chocolate crinkle cookies that will become the highlight of any festive table or occasion.

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1. The secrets of the perfect dough

The quality of the ingredients

The key to delicious chocolate crinkle cookies starts with the choice of ingredients. Choosing good quality chocolate is essential. Look for chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids. We recommend BAM dark chocolate. Always use fresh eggs and high quality butter. Cocoa powder should be free from additives to ensure an intense chocolate flavour. If you want to create perfect black crackles, we recommend BAM black cocoa. You will be delighted by the earthy flavour and intense black colour.

Ingredient ratio

The ratio of dry to wet ingredients is the key to texture. Measure the ingredients accurately with a kitchen scale, as following the recipe exactly is key.

Sugar variations

You can use a mixture of white and brown sugar. Brown sugar will add a deep flavour and create an even juicier interior to the biscuit.

2. Shaping and baking techniques

Uniform size of the balls

Shape the dough into balls and place on a baking tray. Use a measuring spoon to make sure the biscuits are the same size. This will ensure that all the biscuits are baked evenly.

Baking temperature

Follow the recipe and do not overheat the oven in the hope that the biscuits will bake earlier. The outside of the biscuits will brown quickly, but the centre will remain raw.

Baking time

Baking chocolate crinkle cookies is a process that requires precision. Over-baking will result in dry and hard biscuits, under-baking will result in biscuits that are too sticky. Use a timer and bake them for exactly the time the recipe says.

3. Decoration and serving

Different sprinkles

In addition to icing sugar, you can experiment with other sprinkles such as ground nuts, coconut or even coloured sugar for a festive look.


Serve on a decorative plate or in a glass jar. Crinkle cookies are also a popular Christmas and New Year gift.

4. Variations and accessories

Aromatic spices

If you are tired of classic recipes, you can add spices to the cookies. BAM Cakes and Biscuits is a great and versatile spice that will add a real Christmas scent. The more adventurous can add chilli.


Candied fruit, nuts or chocolate chips are great additions to enrich the texture and flavour.

5. Storage and freshness

Proper storage

To preserve freshness, store biscuits in airtight containers. Separate them with waxed paper to prevent them from sticking together.

Shelf life

Crinkle cookies retain their flavour best if eaten within a few days of baking. They can also be frozen.

Creating the perfect chocolate crinkle cookies is more than just following a recipe; it is an art that requires patience, precision and creativity. By following these tips and tricks, your chocolate crinkle cookies will not only be delicious, but also visually appealing. Whether you are making them for a feast, a special occasion or just as a treat, they are sure to delight anyone who tries them. - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

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