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Vanilla in confectionery

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vanilla in confectionery
Vanilla, appreciated for its incomparable aroma and taste, is one of the most popular and appreciated spices in the world.

Its cultivation and processing are difficult and time-consuming, which explains its status as the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron.

Origin and history

Vanilla originated in Mexico, where it was originally cultivated by indigenous peoples, mainly the Totona people, who used it in rituals and as an addition to chocolate. After the Spanish conquest of the Americas in the 16th century, vanilla found its way to Europe, where it quickly became popular for its unique aroma and taste.

Growing vanilla

Vanilla comes from orchids of the genus Vanilla, in particular Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla tahitensis and Vanilla pompona. These tropical orchids grow as climbing plants, wrapping themselves around trees or supports grown by farmers. Vanilla orchids require a moist, warm environment, so they are mostly grown in tropical areas around the equator, such as Madagascar, Indonesia and Tahiti.

Vanilla flowers are white to greenish in colour and are hand-pollinated, a labour-intensive process. After pollination, long, thin pods develop, which are initially green in colour. In order to develop their characteristic aroma, the pods must be carefully processed through a drying and fermentation process that can take several months.

The part of the vanilla used

Vanilla pods are mainly used in confectionery. These pods, or ''vanilla beans'', contain thousands of tiny seeds which are the source of the vanilla flavour. The pod can be used whole to infuse milk or cream with vanilla flavour, and the seeds are often scraped from the pod and added directly to desserts for intense flavour and visual appeal.

Vanilla extraction

Vanilla extraction is a long and labour-intensive process. After hand-pollination and once the pods have matured, they are hand-picked, followed by a fermentation and drying process that develops their rich aroma and brown colour. This process usually takes several months and involves several steps such as blanching, sun-drying, ripening and conditioning of the pods. This carefully controlled process is the key to producing the high-quality vanilla we know and love.

Vanilla products from BAM

BAM offers a wide range of vanilla products that are ideal for enhancing desserts:

Vanilla Paste

BAM Vanilla Paste brings the intense flavour of Madagascar bourbon vanilla, without added alcohol. With the addition of vanilla seeds, the paste not only enriches the flavour but also visually enriches desserts such as panna cotta or vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla cream

For quick and easy preparation of desserts, BAM Vanilla Cream allows you to make a smooth and creamy vanilla cream, suitable for cakes, desserts in a jar or as a filling. With the addition of fresh fruit or sponge cake, it can be transformed into a stand-alone dessert.

Vanilla pod

Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar are ideal for adding a rich vanilla flavour and aroma to desserts. They can be used whole, for infusion in milk, or the seeds can be hollowed out for direct use in recipes.

Vanilla sugar with real vanilla

A blend of bourbon vanilla and white sugar, this is a versatile spice that enriches coffee, tea or desserts with the intense flavour of real vanilla. It can be used in biscuits, cakes or to sprinkle on fruit.

Vanilla is a versatile ingredient that goes well in many desserts:

  • Panna Cotta: A creamy Italian dessert that can be enriched with BAM vanilla paste for extra flavour.
  • Creme Brulee: A classic French dessert where BAM vanilla pods add depth of flavour to the vanilla custard under a crunchy caramelised sugar crust.

  • Vanilla croissants: Use BAM Vanilla Cream as a filling to make these popular baked goods.
  • Homemade vanilla ice cream: Use BAM vanilla paste to make rich and flavoursome homemade ice cream.

Vanilla is a key ingredient in the world of confectionery because of its versatility and exceptional taste. From vanilla paste to vanilla pods, BAM products offer a variety of ways to use this prized spice in your culinary masterpieces. Exploring the different uses of vanilla and experimenting with BAM products can add a new dimension of flavour and aroma to your desserts.

Each of these products brings the unique qualities of vanilla to your desserts, from intense flavour and aroma to visual appeal. Understanding and using the right type of vanilla product can take your desserts to a whole new level. - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

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