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bambastic topping set
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BAMbastic Topping set

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The BAMbastic topping set contains 2 fruit flavours of toppings and 3 creamy toppings with a luxurious taste. Included in the set, BAM Passionfruit topping is a delight to pair with desserts made with BAM White Chocolate to break up their sweetness. The set also contains a refreshing Mango Topping and a creamy Toffee Caramel Topping which is suitable for spicing up desserts or as a filling for croissants or cookies. BAM Salted Caramel Topping will add a luxurious flavour to all chocolate ice creams, and BAM Coconut Waffle Topping will impress with the luxurious taste of white chocolate, coconut cream and waffles.

Reusable packaging

Premium quality

Easy to use

Suitable for a gift

BAM baking products are the products you need to create like a true pastry chef. Made with quality ingredients, they accompany you behind the kitchen counter at home. In the BAM toppings category, we have added a BAMbastic toppings set for you to enhance the flavour of your desserts. Become a master with us!

The BAMbastic topping pack contains 2 fruit topping flavours and 3 creamy and luxurious flavours. All fruit toppings contain more than 70% fruit. The BAM passion fruit topping contains 70% passion fruit, which is a highly aromatic fruit with a pleasantly sour taste. As such, it is a pleasure to pair with desserts made with BAM white chocolate, thus breaking up their sweetness. The mango topping, with its creamy and sweet texture, is suitable for enriching all kinds of desserts and its refreshing taste makes it easy to serve in a refreshing cocktail. BAM Toffee Caramel Topping, which can be used as a filling for croissants or cookies, is suitable for both freezing and baking. BAM Salted Caramel topping, with its luxurious flavour, enriches all chocolate ice creams, while BAM Coconut and Waffle topping consists of a white chocolate and coconut cream, where the flavour is further enriched by crunchy waffles. All toppings are packaged in handy jars and are therefore also suitable as gifts.

BAM baking products are for all home bakers and professional pastry chefs who want to add the finishing touch to their confectionery with exquisite dessert products.

How to store

BAM products should be stored at a temperature between 15 and 20°C, in a dry and dark place. The room temperature should never exceed 25°C and the products should not be exposed to direct light. After opening, keep the fruit toppings tightly sealed, refrigerated and use within 5 days.

Salted caramel topping, 200 g


Vegetable oil (sunflower), sugar, whey powder (milk), whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, caramelized sugar, fleur de sel (0,4%), low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavourings, colouring: paprika extract, antioxidant: rosemary extract and E304.

May contain gluten, nuts, egg and peanuts.

Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2464 kJ / 592 kcal
  • Total fat41,9 g
  • Carbohydrates46,6 g
  • Fibre0,2 g
  • Protein6,9 g
  • Salt0,8 g

Coconut topping with wafers, 200 ml


Sugar, vegetable oil (sunflower), skimmed milk powder, whey powder (milk), coconut flakes, wafer (wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm), salt, barley malt extract, baking powder: sodium bicarbonate.), emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavours, antioxidant: rosemary extract.

May contains traces of nuts, eggs and peanuts.

Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2433 kJ / 584 kcal
  • Total fat39,5 g
  • Carbohydrates51,0 g
  • Fibre1,0 g
  • Protein5,6 g
  • Salt0,31 g

Mango Topping, 200 g


Mango (70%), sugar, corn starch, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: sodium benzoate (> 1%), natural aroma (> 1%).

The product may contain traces of soy, sesame, stevia, peanuts and other nuts.

Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value328 kJ / 78 kcal
  • Total fat0,4 g
  • Carbohydrates19,7 g
  • Fibre0 g
  • Protein0,8 g
  • Salt0 g

Passion fruit Topping, 200 g

Passion fruit juice (70%) from concentrated passion fruit juice, sugar, modified corn starch (E 1442), natural flavour, acid (citric acid), preservative (E202).
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value616 kJ / 145 kcal
  • Total fat0,5 g
  • Carbohydrates33 g
  • Fibre0 g
  • Protein0,5 g
  • Salt0,02 g

Toffee Caramel Topping, 250 g

Glucose syrup, sweetened condensed skimmed milk , sugar, water, cocoa butter, modified starch, thickener: agar-agar (E406), flavours, emulsifiers: Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471) and sunflower lecithin (E322), salt, acidity regulator: citric acid (E330), preservative: potassium sorbate (E202)
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value1425 kJ / 337 kcal
  • Total fat7,1 g
  • Carbohydrates66,3 g
  • Fibre0 g
  • Protein2,1 g
  • Salt0,15 g
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“Vsi okusi so fenomenalni, več kot odlični ”

“All the flavours are phenomenal, more than excellent ”

countryIrena T., 01.05.2023
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“Zelo dobre zadevice ...vsa pohvala ”

“Very good stuff ...all praise”

countryMojca ?., 13.01.2023
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countryJasna M., 12.01.2023
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countryIvana L., 13.12.2022
countryNada ?., 04.11.2022
countryNada ?., 04.11.2022
countryUrska F., 18.10.2022
countryAnita M., 14.10.2022

“Fantasticno ! Ni druge besede za top izdelke.”


countryMateja ?., 28.09.2022
countryBarbara T., 15.09.2022
countryKsenija V., 08.09.2022

“ 🙂”


countryTINA I., 03.08.2022

“Odlicno ”


countryDanijela Z., 20.05.2022

“Izjemni izdelki!😊”


countryBoza K., 27.01.2022



countryZora K., 25.01.2022

“Odlični so😋”


countryTomaž ?., 19.11.2021



countryIRENA S., 13.10.2021



countryJana G., 20.06.2021



countryFranja P., 18.04.2021



countryPatricija S., 24.11.2020



countryMartina Z., 02.11.2020

“The best!”


countrySanja K., 29.06.2020

“Zanimiv komplet”


countryKatja M., 01.04.2020
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