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bourbon vanilla paste 70 g - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Bourbon Vanilla Paste, 70 g

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BAM Vanilla paste is alcohol-free and made from real bourbon vanilla extract from Madagascar. Added vanilla seeds give an attractive look to your dish. A practical pump is added to the bottle, which enables easy dosing and more lasting freshness of the vanilla paste. Recommended as an addition to cakes and desserts (panna cotta, creme brulee, vanilla ice cream, egg cream, chocolate sauce). Does not contain gluten.

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BAM are top quality home baking products created with the vision to bring professional baking products closer to everyone. BAM products are made for everyone who loves to bake with high quality ingredients and sophisticated flavors. Become a master of confectionery with us! Want to enrich the taste and look of your desserts? We have prepared an excellent, fragrant vanilla paste for you.

BAM Vanilla paste (70 g / 50 ml) will impress you with its rich vanilla flavor, and its true aroma. A genuine bourbon vanilla concentrate from Madagascar and completely alcohol-free. To make the look of your desserts even more attractive, Vanilla seeds are added. A great addition to your cakes and desserts like panna cotta, creme brulee, egg custard or vanilla ice cream.

BAM baking products are intended for both, home creators as well as professional confectioners who whish to take their baking creations to a next level.

Agave syrup, water, Bourbon vanilla concentrate (2,3 %), spent vanilla pods, thickener: tragacanth gum.
How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature should not exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value1169 kJ / 275 kcal
  • Total fat0,17 g
    Of which saturates 0,005 g
  • Carbohydrates67,59 g
    Of which sugars 67,19 g
  • Fibre1,37 g
  • Protein0,17 g
  • Salt0,003 g

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  • Available payment COD (Cash on delivery) - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Japanese souffle pancakes with BAM vanilla paste

These Japanese souffle pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch or as a dessert whenever you fancy something special. And the vanilla flavour will indulge your taste buds in every bite.

New York Cheesecake

This cheesecake is not just a dessert; it is a symbol of the city that never sleeps and of its abundance and diversity. Its popularity has crossed borders and it has become a favourite all over the world, and it is distinguished by its baked base, which usually contains graham cracker or biscuit crumbs, and its smooth, silky filling, which is baked to perfection.

Easter cheesecake truffles with ruby chocolate

This Easter, make pink Easter eggs in the shape of Cheesecake truffle balls with ruby chocolate.

Homemade caramel sweets

If you want to create caramel sweets at home that are rich in flavour and perfect in texture, here is a detailed recipe that will satisfy all lovers of these sweet indulgences.

Valentine's Pavlova

Spoil your valentines with cute pavlova cakes with BAM Fit Academy strawberry jam without added sugar. Heart-shaped pavlovas will delight your loved ones. They are absolutely simple to prepare and look really fantastic.

Sacher cake in a jar

Discover a new way to enjoy a classic dessert. Sacher Torte in a Jar will delight you with the original taste of Sacher Torte, really simple and quick preparation and best of all - low calories.

Healthy doughnuts from the oven

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional doughnuts, this recipe is perfect for you. Healthy doughnuts are not fried in oil, they can be made in the oven.

FIT chocolate pudding with avocado

Looking for a delicious and healthy dessert to support your FIT goals? Our FIT Chocolate Pudding with Avocado is the perfect choice! It's made with BAM FIT sugar-free dark chocolate, fresh avocado and avocado oil, ensuring a rich taste without added sugar. Although it is naturally sweet, you can sweeten it further with honey or agave syrup if you prefer.

Christmas roulade with chocolate cream

The festive season calls for delicious and warm flavours that bring family and friends together around the table. This recipe for Christmas Rolls with Chocolate Cream is the right choice for anyone who wants to bring something sweet, chocolatey and irresistibly good to their festive table.

Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie is a classic British dessert, famous for its irresistible combination of bananas, cream and caramel sauce.

Brownies with orange chocolate

For the spookiest night of the year, Halloween, prepare a sweet surprise - chocolate brownies with BAM orange chocolate, which will add a gorgeous orange colour!

FIT banana bread with oats and banana

Fit banana bread with oats and yoghurt is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a tasty and nutritious dessert while taking care of their health.

No-guilt brownies

Brownies are undoubtedly one of the most popular desserts that can be prepared quickly and easily. Here's a special version of brownies with sweet potatoes that will delight you and take care of your health at the same time.

Sugar-free apple pie

Sugar-free apple pie is a great alternative to traditional apple pie, which usually contains sugar. This recipe brings a fresh and healthy interpretation of the classic dessert that will delight you with juicy apple chunks, the intoxicating scent of cinnamon and the delicate sweetness of sugar-free fruit jam. The preparation is simple and the taste is sure to delight all apple lovers.

Discover how sweet and healthy can go hand in hand in this wonderful apple pie with no added sugar.

Vanilla pudding with white chocolate

Forget the pudding from the bag. Once you''ve tried homemade white chocolate pudding, you''ll make it again and again.

Healthy strawberry muffins with chia seeds

Make healthy and delicious strawberry muffins with chia seeds with this easy recipe!

No-bake strawberry jam cheesecake

This timeless dessert boasts a rich and smooth cream layer made with quality cream cheese, whipped cream, sugar and vanilla extract. The base is a crunchy and delicious biscuit crumb mix, combined with a slightly buttery flavour and a luscious strawberry jam.

Gluten-free pancakes

Gluten-free pancakes offer many benefits and are a great choice for people with coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or those who simply avoid gluten for health or dietary reasons.

Mango cake

Indulge in the tropical delight of a luscious mango cake, where moist layers of mango sponge cake are complemented by a luscious mango cream filling, creating a delicious treat bursting with fruity flavours.

Rice pudding

Today, we increasingly want to go back to more simple dishes. One of them is rice pudding. It is like a longing for the past, childhood, and the safe and warm feeling that comes with it. We can add as many things to the rice pudding as we desire.

Vanilla croissants

Did you know? The origins of this popular crescent-shaped, vanilla-rich pastry date back to Vienna. This vanilla crescent even has an interesting story. Vienna was twice conquered by the Ottoman Turks. First in 1529 and then in 1683. Neither time succeeded, so to mock their opponents, the Viennese bakers decided to make crescent-shaped croissants to celebrate both victories. This was part of the emblem of the Ottoman Empire. Whether this is a legend or a true story is a matter for speculation. One thing is certain, however, that the vanilla croissants, with their delicate taste, fragility and vanilla scent, conquered not only Austrian but also Slovenian households.

Walnut sponge cake

A walnut sponge is a dough made from ground walnuts, eggs, sugar, flour and other ingredients. The nuts are usually ground to a fine powder and then mixed with the other ingredients to form a light and fluffy sponge with a delicate nutty flavour.

Cocoa sponge cake

Cocoa sponge cake is made with cocoa powder and has a light, fluffy texture. It is very similar to a version of the classic sponge cake made with eggs, sugar and flour and is known for its airy texture.

Recipe for princesses

Princes are a type of choux pastry, usually filled with whipped cream or vanilla cream. Princess cakes are a popular dessert in many countries and are often served at weddings, parties and other special events. They are also often found in bakeries and pastry shops, where they are often decorated with icing sugar, chocolate or other toppings.

Egg-free princess cream

Princesses are a dessert based on puff pastry. The preparation of puff pastry is one of the more demanding desserts, requiring a certain amount of pastry mileage.

Cream for princesses

Princesses are a dessert based on a rolled pastry and a filling. The preparation of the pastry itself is usually associated with the thought of a nightmare, as it often fails on the first attempt, and often fails on the second. But if you prepare well before baking, you are more likely to succeed. We suggest sticking exactly to the ingredients and quantities in the recipe, and another important rule is not to open the oven door while baking.

Healthy banana bread

Healthy banana bread usually refers to a healthier version of the classic banana bread we all know. Banana bread can be made with healthy and nutritious ingredients and can contain fewer calories and unhealthy fats than traditional banana bread.

Marble cake with sour cream

A marble cake with sour cream is a type of cake that combines two different colours and flavours of dough. Typically, the dough is intertwined to create a marble colour effect. Yoghurt can also be added to the marble cake for freshness, but we suggest adding sour cream for a creamier texture and extra richness.

Marble cake with yoghurt

Marble cake with yoghurt is a dessert familiar to many people around the world. However, because it is such a well-known dessert, there are many variations of it, which nevertheless satisfy different tastes and preferences.

Panna cotta with raspberries

Panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert known for its creamy texture and sweet taste. The dish is made with cream, milk, sugar and gelatine, which are combined to create a delicious and filling treat. One version of panna cotta that is becoming increasingly popular is panna cotta with raspberries. This combination of flavours is not only delicious but also visually appealing, making it the perfect dessert for special occasions or simply for a tasty end to a meal.

American oatmeal pancakes

American pancakes with oatmeal and banana are a delicious and nutritious version of the classic breakfast. Made with mashed ripe bananas, oatmeal and familiar pancake ingredients such as flour, eggs, milk and baking powder, these pancakes have a unique flavour and extra texture. The oatmeal gives the pancakes a nutty flavour and extra texture, while the banana gives them a natural sweetness.

Raffaello Cupcakes

If you are looking for a recipe for delicious Raffaello cupcakes, look no further. These consist of a light almond-coconut sponge cake and vanilla cream filling.  

Snickers in a glass

When there is no time to bake a cake, there is always time for a dessert in a glass – they do not require special effort and decoration to look divine. These contain a fluffy milk chocolate mousse, Oreo crumbs, caramel, peanuts and a featherlight mascarpo- ne filling. For me, the caramel must be salted, but you can omit the salt in the recipe if you wish.

Marble cake with espresso

The recipe tells a story where intense dark chocolate espresso meets buttery vanilla and together they create a marble espresso cake. 

Tiramisu with white chocolate, raspberry and pistachio

Tiramisu with white chocolate, raspberries and pistachios is perfect for those who love to prepare no-bake desserts. Typically, tiramisu consists of layers of biscuits moistened with coffee and a cream of mascarpone cheese or sweet cream.

Pumpkin Roll Cake with Vanilla-Raspberry Filling

This recipe was created when I was fantasizing about vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil, which blows me away time and time again. So I packed the flavors in a roll cake that turned out to be a real feast for the eyes. For freshness, I added raspberries to the vanilla filling and the result is fantastic. Instead of a vanilla pod, I used BAM vanilla paste, which has become a must in my kitchen, to flavor the filling. The pump makes it easy to measure, which is and extra plus in my eyes.

Raspberry Squares

Raspberry squares consist of a cacao sponge and two fillings that complement each other perfectly. The bottom layer is a raspberry filling with the addition of fresh raspberries, while the top layer is a delicate mascarpone filling with a vanilla note courtesy of BAM vanilla paste. The sponge is moistened with a sugar solution; if you would like a more chocolatey version, use cocoa instead.

Cookie Cake

A delicious and moist cake with a creamy texture. Milk and white chocolate are added to the vanilla filling and the filling itself is flavored with the BAM vanilla paste. The bottom layer of filling contains American chocolate chip cookies and the sponges are kept moist with Baileys mixed with milk. Simply divine! Of course, you can substitute Baileys with a tablespoon of instant cocoa – the cake will be slightly less flavorful, but nevertheless amazing.

Chocolate Mousse in a Glass

I love chocolate. I really enjoyed preparing this dessert and could hardly wait to taste the result. Chocolate never disappoints, and this dessert really allows it to shine! The mousse is made with heat-treated yolks, meaning that raw eggs are not a concern. The preparation itself is quick and easy, since the chilling process takes up most of the indicated time. But it definitely pays off! Makes 4 chocolate mousse  desserts in a glass of 2 dl.

Spritz Cookies

Here is another recipe for delicious cookies that everyone loves. They are a bit more time consuming, but it definitely pays off! If you add a little more flour to the recipe, the dough can also be used in a cookie press. The cookies are flavored with rum and BAM vanilla paste, and covered with chocolate and roasted hazelnuts – coating, toppings and flavorings can be changed to your liking and if you want to prepare a chocolate version, simply replace some of the flour with cacao.

Pistachio Cake

Sweet pistachios. The cake consists of a flavorful and crunchy hazelnut sponge, a cocoa sponge and a rich pistachio filling. The cake gets its rich roasted pistachio flavor from the BAM pistachio spread, which contains 50 % pistachios and has a smooth and creamy texture. For an extra crunch, the cake is generously sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts and pistachios.

Chocolate-Vanilla Cake

The classic combination of chocolate and vanilla never disappoints. The vanilla filling is flavored with BAM vanilla paste, which is the perfect substitute for a vanilla pod and is also very handy – the pump makes it easy to use and measure out the right amount. This makes the baking easier and much less messy. The leftover egg whites can be used to make the excellent Pavlova cake. 

Gin Tonic Cake

This cake reminds many of summer and the heat, and is also ideal for celebrations. Creamy, fluffy and refreshing. The Gin Tonic Cake is a fresh treat. It's the perfect accompaniment to a gin tonic, even better in the late afternoon under the sun on the terrace.

Kinder Maxi King cake

The Kinder Maxi King cake is the most popular cake. The cake consists of delicious milk cream, caramel, chocolate and hazelnut croquant. The cream is enriched with BAM vanilla paste. And to make sure that the cake really tastes like dairy cream, condensed milk is irreplaceable.

Chocolate mousse with raspberry filling

Have you ever made chocolate mousse with raspberry filling? Preparing chocolate mousse is quite simple: while the ingredient list is quite straightforward, there are a few intermediate steps that require a little more attention. Before you add the egg yolk to the chocolate mousse, make sure the chocolate tastes just right. If the chocolate is too hot, the eggs will cook; if it's too cold, they will curdle and the ingredients won't bind. Put some melted chocolate on your bottom lip to determine the right temperature.

White chocolate cake with raspberries and pistachios

White chocolate cake with raspberries and pistachios is the perfect cake for a special occasion, a small celebration or just to please yourself, because the cake with white chocolate, raspberries and pistachios is a wonderful dessert. The pistachio sponge cake will be light and slightly salty. It will be especially fluffy if you follow the basic rule when whisking the eggs: divide the eggs into yolks and whites. When beating the egg whites, make sure the bowl is really clean, because that's the only way you'll be able to whip them the way you want. For tips and tricks on how to make the best cake, click here.

Muffins with vanilla filling

The muffins with vanilla filling are made with a very simple dough that can be done without a mixer. Vanilla is the main ingredient in the recipe and we added it in four different forms: Bourbon vanilla bean, vanilla paste, vanilla yogurt and vanilla almond milk. Don't worry, the only two really important ingredients are vanilla paste and bourbon vanilla bean. If desired, regular yogurt and milk can be used.

Raspberry soufflé by a Masterchef master

Souffle or soufflé is a classic dessert that requires some pâtisserie skills. Souffles can also be made with cream cheese, but for true chocoholics, only a chocolate soufflé will do. This time we've dug up a recipe from the Masterchef master: Gordon Ramsay creates a soufflé variation with a raspberry mixture combined with a decadent cream for the perfect homemade raspberry soufflé.

Vanilla cream with kiwi in a glass

Vanilla cream with kiwi in a glass is a quick and delicious dessert. Vanilla and kiwi are a unique pair: the kiwi gives a special kick to the vanilla cream, while the latter balances the acidity of the kiwi. Vanilla cream is a type of dessert that can be prepared in a glass. In this recipe, we will fill the glass with a layer of kiwi jelly and a delicious vanilla cream.

Brownies with cheesecake filling

Brownies with cheesecake filling are the perfect hit for anyone who loves brownies and cheesecake. The cheesecake filling provides a rich flavor where chocolate and the creamy texture of the filling compete for supremacy.

Vanilla strawberry cake

You certainly can't go wrong with a cake dominated by a combination of vanilla and strawberry flavors. Here is a recipe for a delicious and light vanilla cake, which consists of two layers of vanilla sponge cake, a wonderful vanilla filling and a sweet strawberry filling.

Chocolate balls with mascarpone filling

These chocolate balls are a sweet and crunchy no-bake dessert. The chocolate balls in the recipe below are a mixture of butter, mascarpone, BAM vanilla paste and powdered sugar. We dip the balls in BAM chocolate for the easiest and most delicious chocolate balls.

Chocolate muffins recipe

This recipe makes chocolate muffins that are incredibly moist and fluffy, filled with chocolate chips with a rich chocolate flavor. To really delight your taste buds, we add BAM chocolate hazelnut spread to the chocolate muffins. The spread gives the chocolate muffins an exceptional hazelnut flavor and a creamy center.

Chocolate mousse pie

Chocolate mousse is so chocolatey, so fluffy, so rich, so creamy. The chocolate mousse is absolutely perfect and incredibly easy to make! The chocolate mousse pie is made with just a few basic ingredients: chocolate, marshmallows, butter, milk, whipping cream, vanilla paste, and Oreo cookies.

The doughnuts are done, now what to do with the egg whites?

You made your homemade doughnuts, this time filled with vanilla cream. What about the egg whites left over from making the doughnuts? It often happens that we have a bowl full of egg whites left after making a dessert or other dish, such as pasta. It can be used for a variety of desserts, so here's an idea of how to use it. We've prepared a recipe that I'm sure you haven't thought of yet, but it's quite easy to make.

Homemade doughnuts with vanilla filling

Doughnuts can be quite a challenge for even the most skilled homemakers. We love beautiful doughnuts for the carnival. Still, it happens that the doughnuts don't look quite right, that they are wrinkly and dry, and that instead of the filling there are big holes in them. Who is not familiar with this? We've put together a few tricks and tips for making homemade doughnuts that will be a guaranteed success.

Soufflé for two

Chocolate soufflé is a dessert with so much chocolate flavor that no other chocolate dessert can compete. We have prepared a recipe that allows you to prepare a chocolate soufflé for just two people. To prepare it, in addition to the usual ingredients, you need two standard size chocolate soufflé molds and BAM drops of dark chocolate. The chocolate drops ensure an even and easy melting.

Chocolate muffins as a gift for Valentine's Day

Chocolate muffins can be the perfect declaration of love. They have a strawberry filling, BAM chocolate hazelnut spread and BAM vanilla paste to match the flavors.

Chocolate cake pops

How do you make chocolate cake pops? Very easy! Making them is as easy as pie: chocolate sponge + chocolate glaze + pretty decoration = best chocolate cakepops!

Cake decoration: Swiss buttercream

There is a cake in front of you. You stand proudly in front of it, knowing that the flavours are spot on. But to make the cake even more beautiful (and you even more proud to stand in front of it), it needs decoration. Cake decoration is the last step, but one of the most important. There are several variations of cake decoration available, and this time we have decided to share with you a recipe for Swiss Buttercream. 

White chocolate mousse

White chocolate mousse is a dessert that consists mainly of three ingredients: BAM white chocolate, whipped cream and BAM vanilla paste. Raspberries and white chocolate are a fantastic combination, and the addition of cream cheese takes white chocolate mousse to a new level of pâtisserie.

Chocolate cookies

The chocolate cookies are made with hazelnut flour. Once you realize how easily the hazelnut flour is made and how nutty it makes the cookies taste, you'll fall in love with this. Melted BAM dark chocolate gives the cookies a hint of cocoa, while the rich and creamy BAM chocolate hazelnut spread enhances them with a real and intense hazelnut flavor.

Simple cheesecake with strawberries

This easy cheesecake is a strawberry cake that combines a super creamy strawberry filling, cheesecake cream and a crunchy, salty-sweet cookie base. The filling for this easy cheesecake is made with cream cheese and fresh strawberries. To get an intense fruit flavor, first mash the strawberries and then slice them. This is an extra step, but it's definitely worth it. Is this a recipe for strawberry cheesecake? Is this a recipe for strawberry shortcake? It's both in one!

Waffles with BAM Black Cocoa Powder

BAM Black Cocoa Powder is the cocoa that turns delicious black chocolate wafers, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. African beans and Dutch production give the cocoa powder its dark color. With the following recipe, the waffles won't be too sweet, so you can serve them with all your favorite toppings! Black waffles are a great breakfast idea.

Cheesecake in a glass

A cheesecake that doesn't require baking is a great dessert to serve and prepare individually when you're short on time or just don't want to turn on the oven. Making a cheesecake in a jar is dead easy, and it only takes about 30 minutes. All you need are the usual ingredients and some pretty little jars. Cheesecakes have been all the rage for a few years now, and this dessert trend isn't going away anytime soon.

Trendy soufflé pancakes instead of the traditional soufflé?

This fluffy soufflé can also be prepared in the form of fluffy soufflé pancakes. Eating soufflé pancakes can make you feel like you're eating fluffy cotton clouds, and with whipped cream and BAM toppings, they get even better!

Chocolate mousse with whipped cream

As we all know, the preparation of a traditional French-style chocolate mousse usually requires eggs. The preparation requires that for the chocolate mousse you whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, add the melted chocolate, whisk the egg whites separately and then fold very carefully in order not to destroy all the perfect little air bubbles.

Gingerbread cookies, fluffy inside and crispy outside

We're pretty sure gingerbread is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas cookies. Well, right after Christmas cookies, of course! With the following recipe, you can bake the gingerbread as soft or crispy as you like. The gingerbread dough is perfect for cutting with all kinds of cookie cutters. It is prepared with the most popular winter spices, including lots of ginger and cinnamon. This, of course, includes BAM vanilla paste, because.... it is impossible to imagine cookie baking without it.

Christmas sugar cookies

Today is the day when the festive baking season officially begins. How else to start the list than with a recipe for classically decorated Christmas cookies. There's nothing better than simple Christmas sugar cookies. They are easy to prepare as you need less than 10 ingredients, all of which are well known and surely always stocked in the kitchen cupboard at home.

Cookie glaze

If you're looking for an easy glaze to decorate your cookies, you've come to the right place! Even if you're far from a skilled pastry chef or you want your kids to help you make them, that doesn't mean your holiday cookies can't look like they were made by a true master pastry chef. If you follow our new recipe for a simple cookie glaze, you'll get a glaze that sets up nicely so your cookies don't stick together.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever! No weird, unknown ingredients, no chilling time, etc. A simple, straightforward, incredibly delicious recipe for chocolate chip cookies that always succeeds.

Double Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

These double chocolate and raspberry muffins will be your new favorite breakfast, snack at work or relaxing meal. The chocolate muffins in our recipe are super delicious, full of chocolate flavor and filled with juicy raspberries as well as dark chocolate chips.

Crinkle cookies with BAM Ruby chocolate

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are very tasty and quite soft. They are so easy to prepare that even children can help prepare them. This time we have added BAM Ruby chocolate, which is taking the world of pâtisserie by storm with its natural pink color, which comes from a special variety of cocoa beans, and its fruity and sour taste. The fruity and sour taste of the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies also goes well with the BAM Raspberry Topping, which can be used as a filling for the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.

Cookies with white chocolate and cranberries

These white chocolate and cranberry cookies are incredibly soft, full of white chocolate chips and dried cranberries. Perfect for a festive cookie plate! The base for the dough for the cookies with white chocolate and cranberries is similar to that for the chocolate cookies. Always add brown sugar to the dough, as it makes the dough moister and the cookies even more delicious. This time we have enhanced the cookies with BAM Drops of white chocolate, which go perfectly with sour fruits like cranberries, raspberries, other berries or citrus fruits.

Classic chocolate cake

Are you looking for a recipe for the best chocolate cake? Then you've come to the right place. We have developed a recipe for the best chocolate cake in the world that you will ever taste. One of the ingredients that really liven up this cake recipe is the addition of espresso powder in both the chocolate cake and the chocolate frosting. If you haven't tried adding a little espresso when baking with chocolate, you definitely should. Espresso enhances the flavors in a similar way as BAM vanilla paste.

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling starts with chocolate and ends with salted caramel. There is also a creamy cheesecake filling hidden inside the super-juicy chocolate sponge. If you've ever baked a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate filling, we can tell you that this chocolate cake will be just as delicious and have an equally rich chocolate flavor.To create the real chocolate flavor, a "hot liquid" is added to the ingredients, usually coffee. It helps the cocoa powder, from which all the chocolate flavor comes, "bloom" and bring out the chocolate flavor. Speaking of cocoa, make sure you use unsweetened cocoa and not cocoa with added sugar.

Ferero cake or cake Ferrero?

This Ferrero cake will delight everyone who loves the famous chocolates of the same name. When you prepare a Ferrero cake, you will feel like you are eating the chocolate pralines, but in the form of a cake. The BAM Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, which contains at least 50% of the best roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont, gives the Ferrero Cake an authentic and intense hazelnut flavor and a creamy texture - a treat for your taste buds. The special hazelnut flavor is wonderfully rounded off by the aromatic taste of the cocoa powder and the creamy taste of the milk.

No-bake white chocolate cheesecake with passion fruit

Passion fruit is a highly aromatic fruit with a pleasantly sour taste, perfect for desserts with a delicate and sweet texture, such as panna cotta or the increasingly popular no-bake cheesecake. It goes perfectly with desserts prepared with BAM Drops of white chocolate, as it balances their sweetness. Preparing a no-bake cheesecake is much easier than preparing a cheesecake that needs to be baked before serving. No eggs are used and with no baking, there is almost no margin for error. When making a traditional cheesecake, the eggs can be overcooked, undercooked or overbaked, causing the cheesecake to crack.

Triple chocolate cake with bananas

This triple chocolate cake with banana will delight both those who love bananas and those who prefer other fruits. The three layers of chocolate cake are very flavorful, and while you're eating a cake that tastes like chocolate, neither is the chocolate flavor so intense that you can't taste the bananas in it. Remember, the right balance of ingredients makes a delicious dessert!

Chocolate raspberry cake

Chocolate raspberry cake is perfect for your next celebration. Prepare it and surprise your friends or family with its taste. The chocolate cake is juicy thanks to the raspberries and tastes extra chocolaty thanks to the BAM cocoa powder and BAM dark chocolate drops. To prepare it successfully, you need to follow precisely the instructions and also melt the chocolate properly, because this will bring the chocolate raspberry mousse to a whole new level. The sponge cake batter will be light and fluffy if you sift the cocoa powder, and the chocolate mousse is sure to be a success if you use dark, unsweetened chocolate.

Chocolate potica with hazelnuts

Potica is a traditional Slovenian pastry. The sweet, thin dough, which can be filled with chocolate, nuts or ham, should not be missing on any kitchen table during the holidays. Traditionally, a walnut or chocolate filling is used, and sometimes even tarragon filling. This time we have prepared for you a chocolate potica with BAM Premium chocolate spread. The old Slovenian saying is still true today: a real housewife must know how to make the potica cake.

The best chocolate cake

We've heard you've been wanting a killer chocolate cake recipe for a long time. It took a while, but now it's here. Your new favorite recipe for the best chocolate cake. You probably remember the movie Matilda and the scene where the boy is forced to eat a big and delicious chocolate cake. When you eat your first piece of the best chocolate cake from the following recipe, you will quickly feel like the boy in the scene.

No-bake cake with Oreo biscuits

The no-bake cake with Oreo cookies in the recipe below is a dessert that can be made at any time, whatever the season. The base for the no-bake cake starts with an Oreo cookie base. This is a simple mixture of crushed Oreo cookies and some melted butter. If you find that this is almost too easy and that the biscuit base will not stick together, you can bake it at 175 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes. However, this will not be necessary if you press the cookie base really well against the bottom of the baking tray. Later, when the butter has cooled, it acts as a glue and keeps the cookie base together. For the filling you will need cream cheese, sweet cream, sugar and Oreo cookies. We'll also add BAM vanilla paste to the cream, which makes sure the ingredients bind together, while the vanilla seeds make sure it looks perfect.

Fluffy waffles recipe

Waffles are incredibly versatile. They can be served in a variety of ways: simply add strawberries and whipped cream. If you want a more exotic and creamy version, add BAM coconut topping with waffles. If you want a fruity version, you can add a spoonful of BAM raspberry topping. The fluffy waffles can be served with fruit compote, honey, cinnamon sugar or added to savory dishes such as fried chicken and sauces.

Chocolate souffle recipe

Alongside creme brûlée, the chocolate soufflé is one of the most adored luxury French desserts. However, because it seems like a difficult dessert (perhaps because of the name itself), most beginner pastry chefs don't realise that the preparation sounds much more daunting than it actually is.

Chocolate balls recipe

Chocolate balls are made from a mixture of coffee, vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder, butter and sugar, rolled in shredded coconut flour. The chocolate balls in the recipe below are a Swedish tradition and can be found in almost every bakery and restaurant. Chocolate balls are one of the easiest desserts to make. If you keep them in the fridge for a few hours after making them, they will make a great accompaniment to your next cup of coffee or tea.

Chocolate muffins with banana

Soft, cinnamon-spiced chocolate banana muffins are a quick dessert and a chance to use up overripe bananas. You could also use them to make banana bread, but chocolate banana muffins are definitely a quicker version. The basic ingredients are those most commonly used in baking: flour, sugar and milk. If you follow the instructions, you will ensure that your chocolate banana muffins are just the right amount of juicy and not too dry or bland. For the chocolate flavour, we've used BAM dark chocolate, which has the versatility to easily fit into any dessert.

Rum balls made from leftover sponge cake

What to do with a sponge cake that is not suitable for a cake due to its shape? It is a pity to throw it away, because it is only the shape that is unfortunate, but the taste is divine. You can use it to make cakepop. If you don't like them or don't feel like making them, we recommend rum balls. They are quick and easy to make, especially when you have a large quantity of biscuits or other desserts at home that nobody touches.

Quick brownies

For these quick brownies, we have used only six main ingredients. As we have prepared the brownies without baking powder, eggs are essential for the brownies to rise really nicely in the oven. We have also added powdered sugar to the recipe, which does the trick for making quick brownies. The powdered sugar contains cornstarch, which helps to thicken the dough. BAM cocoa powder gives the brownies a nice red-brown colour. It needs to be sieved before adding to the ingredients, as this gives it a juicy and fluffy texture as well as flavour. Add oil and BAM vanilla paste to ensure that the ingredients bind together and further enhance the chocolate flavour.

Peanut Butter Banana Brownies

Did someone say brownies with bananas? A delicious juicy brownie, with no baking powder or baking soda added, combined with bananas creates a quick and delicious dessert. Does anyone else besides me buy bananas only to watch them slowly decay on your kitchen counter? So I share with you a recipe that combines the pleasant with the useful: use up bananas and create a great dessert! When you add cocoa powder to ripe bananas, the flavours will come together in a delicious harmony.

Brownies with chocolate

If you are looking for a recipe for the best "homemade brownies", I can tell you that the search engine will find at least a hundred different recipes.

No-bake cake

Are you in charge of preparing desserts for your next celebration, you want to show variety and there's only one oven? Or you simply don't want to heat up your apartment in the summertime, but you want one good cake? Make room in your fridge, here comes a recipe for mini cakes without baking! Using a few basic ingredients, you can make refreshing mini cakes without baking. BAM vanilla paste will enhance both the look and the taste of your no-bake cake with its rich vanilla flavour, its intoxicating scent and its real aroma.

Pavlova cake

What is the famous "Pavlova cake"? Pavlova is a dessert popular in New Zealand and Australia, and increasingly popular here. From the ingredients themselves, it sounds perfectly simple to prepare, as Pavlova cake is made from egg whites that are slowly baked in a relatively cold oven. A Pavlova cake is a cake where the egg whites produce a chewy-crunchy texture on the top, a soft texture is waiting inside and the edges should be crispy-crunchy. That's three completely different textures in one bite.

Rafaelo or Raffaello cake?

Coconut lovers will be familiar with Ferrero's famous Raffaello dessert. You might recognise it from its "cousin" - the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls. Raffaello contains no chocolate, the coconut ball consists of a whole blanched almond surrounded by coconut cream in a fresh wafer shell, sprinkled with coconut flakes.

Salted caramel brownies

How does a recipe for homemade brownies with biscuits, salted caramel topping and a pinch of freshly ground sea salt sound? The sumptuous taste will spoil your taste buds and the preparation itself is not as difficult as it sounds. This time, we won't add the salted caramel topping to the sponge cake itself, but we will top the baked brownies with the creamy texture of the topping. When the brownies are cut into pieces, the topping will spread gently over the edges, giving the brownies a special flavour.

Rainbow Pinata cake

Rainbow Pinata cake is a type of cake where you wait like a little child for the little coloured candies to ooze out of the centre when you cut through the rainbow layers. The rainbow cake consists of colourful vanilla sponge layers and a sweet cream that makes the cake not only beautiful but also extremely tasty. The recipe is medium difficulty.

Hungarian traditional cake: Dobosh torte

The cake, nicknamed 'elegant cake' because of its ingredients and preparation, was invented and named in 1884 by the Hungarian confectioner Jozsef C. Dobos. Dobos cake is thus a Hungarian sponge cake with seven layers of thin sponge cake. The layers are filled with a rich chocolate buttercream and the cake is topped with caramel.

Black Forest Cake

The Black Forest Cake or "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" is a cake that originates from Germany. It takes its name from the cherry liqueur added to the filling. It consists of a cocoa sponge cake, a delicious cream and sour cherries.

Homemade Cake pops recipe

Increasingly popular, cake pops are suitable for any occasion. Recently, they have even replaced the classic cake at birthday celebrations. That's why we've created a recipe for vanilla sponge cake pops, with the perfect vanilla flavour from BAM vanilla paste. If you don't make celebrity cakes because you're worried about the preparation, don't worry anymore. 

Red Velvet Cake Pops

The luscious Red Velvet Cake Pops consist of a sweet cocoa sponge topped with BAM white chocolate and coconut. 

Ice Rafaello cake

Ice Coconut Raffaelo Cake is easy, quick and made with just a few basic ingredients. The ultimate taste of the cake is achieved by our BAM white coconut spread, which transforms an average dessert into a divine one.

Recipe: Rich chocolate cake

The most amazing chocolate cake is full of juicy, chocolatey perfection. This is the chocolate cake you've been dreaming of! This cocoa-based cake is intensely chocolatey and incredibly juicy. Easy to prepare, it will wow you every time. The perfect chocolate cake to have on your list for forgotten birthdays, last-minute visitors or last-minute Friday night chocolate cravings. You can also use this recipe to make tiered cakes, cupcakes or mini biscuits.

Jaffa Cupcakes

Get ready to bake with the kids! Make easy mini cakes with the original Jaffa biscuit flavour. For those of you who don't know them, this sweet treat comes from England. It's a biscuit-sized cake composed of orange-flavoured jelly, sponge cake and a chocolate layer on top. They are named after Jaffa oranges.

Chocolate soufflé with BAM white chocolate

Soufflé is one of the classics of French cuisine. We often hear that many people are afraid to make soufflés at all for fear that the dessert will fail. It is indeed not one of the easiest desserts, but it is not that difficult to make. We've prepared a recipe that will surely do the trick if you just follow our tips. This time we have chosen a white chocolate soufflé because it is light and airy.

Caramel pie

BAM Gold chocolate impresses with its delicate golden colour. It is actually white chocolate with caramelised sugar added. It has a creamy, silky texture and an intense caramel flavour with hints of butter and cream. It pairs perfectly with other BAM baking products in the caramel pie recipe.

Madeleines with almonds and Ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate is the biggest innovation in the chocolate world in the last 80 years. It is made from special Ruby cocoa beans that give the chocolate its delicate pink colour. Ruby offers a strong sensory sensation, a completely new taste experience: it is neither bitter, milky or sweet, but consists of fresh berry fruitiness and a delicious smoothness.

Chocolate cookies with PREMIUM cocoa spread

This chocolate cookie recipe is simple to prepare and easy to bake. There is no need to roll or decorate the dough. You can, of course, still decorate them with BAM Baking Chocolate or Chocolate Crispy if you wish. The cookies are also enriched with BAM Premium Cocoa Spread.

Ruby chocolate brownies

These chocolate brownies don't need any extra decoration; they are gorgeous on their own. The combination of strawberries and dark chocolate has always been known as the perfect match in a variety of desserts. But when you add ruby chocolate to brownies, with its delicate colour, delicate aroma and just a hint of summer berry flavour, it takes chocolate brownies to the next level. This recipe gives you the perfect balance and a wonderful harmony of flavours.

Raspberry cheesecake

You know, I'm not usually a cheesecake person. Whenever someone offers me a slice, I expect it to be overly sweet and overly rich. This cheesecake recipe is the opposite of that. It is creamy, light and not too sweet.

White chocolate cheesecake with roasted hazelnuts

White chocolate cheesecake recipe with premium roasted hazelnuts. BAM premium roasted hazelnuts will delight you with their authentic hazelnut flavour, crunch and certainly with their many uses in home baking and cooking. They are ideal for use in both sweet and savoury dishes. They can be used to make delicious homemade hazelnut butter or spreads, which can be enriched with other ingredients such as cocoa. Premium hazelnuts enrich the flavour of your cakes, tarts, ice creams, pies and biscuits.CHOCO-TIP: instead of mascarpone cream, you can use our cheesecake mix.

Double chocolate muffins

We've prepared an easy recipe for the ultimate double chocolate muffins with BAM vanilla paste. The vanilla paste is alcohol-free and made from real Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract with vanilla seeds added to give your dish an attractive look. A practical pump is added to the bottle for easy dispensing and longer-lasting freshness of the vanilla paste.

Zagreb Cream slice or Kremšnita

We have prepared a recipe for Zagreb cream slice or "kremšnita". The kremšnita is a dessert that tempts everyone. It is made with BAM dark chocolate.

Almond cake with hot milk and coffee

The recipe for almond cake with hot milk and coffee is based on BAM almond flour, which is made from carefully selected, high-quality peeled almonds from Sicily. Being gluten-free, it is an ideal substitute for white flour in many recipes. It is ideal for desserts such as cakes, biscuits, French macaroons, brownies, pancakes and imperial roast.

Flourless chocolate roulade with berries

The BAM collection of chocolate and cocoa pastry products is made up of carefully selected chocolates and cocoa of the finest quality and proven great taste. BAM products are designed to make top-quality desserts that look great and taste exceptional, even at home. The BAM collection also includes the exquisite dark chocolate in drops, which was used in this recipe for a flourless chocolate roulade.

White chocolate cheesecake

BAM White Chocolate is a premium Belgian white chocolate, very versatile for use in the kitchen. It is ideal for moulding, pralines, creams, mousses, ganaches, ice creams, biscuits, cookies, sponge cakes and other creamy chocolate structures. This time we have used BAM white chocolate in a recipe for white chocolate cheesecake.

No-bake Blueberry cheesecake

Cheesecake is the perfect combination of sour and sweet flavours, yet rich textures. It is most often made in the summer, as it tastes refreshing. That's why we've prepared a recipe where you won't need to use a hot oven.

How do we make chocolate?

Chocolate is something that can be made at home. Milk and dark chocolate are on top of the list when it comes to taste. 

How to make easy chocolate mousse in minutes

As the name suggests, chocolate mousse, or mousse au chocolat, comes from France, which means chocolate foam in French. It is believed to have been first made by French chocolatiers in the 18th century. Its divine taste was soon recognised across the ocean in America, where one of their newspapers was the first to publish a recipe for it.

Chocolate balls

Homemade chocolate balls are extremely creamy. The preparation is completely simple. Just mix all the ingredients together, chill in the fridge and shape into chocolate balls. You can add your favourite toppings and lots of other fun flavours! The recipe for this delicious chocolate balls is so easy, even the kids can help you make them. Also check out the recipe for delicious no-bake summer balls, which you can find here.

Vanilla in confectionery

Vanilla, appreciated for its incomparable aroma and taste, is one of the most popular and appreciated spices in the world.

DESSERTS WITH CHESTONIES: 5 ideas for delicious autumn desserts with chestnuts

Autumn is the time when nature turns its leaves into warm shades of brown, orange and yellow and offers us a bounty of delicious chestnuts. Cooked chestnuts are the perfect ingredient for a variety of desserts and will delight you with their unique flavour. As well as tasting great, they are also nutritious, containing vitamins and minerals, and are low in calories.

DESSERTS WITH APPLES: 5 of the best recipes to delight us this autumn

Autumn brings a bountiful harvest of juicy apples that can be used to make delicious desserts. Apples are a versatile ingredient that can be used to make many desserts. Apple pie, apple strudel, apple gratin, apple pancakes or baked apples with walnuts.

Tasty gluten-free food

A gluten-free diet is a dietary approach that excludes gluten - a protein found in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and oats (although oats are gluten-free themselves, they can be contaminated with gluten during the processing process). This diet is essential for people with coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity or gluten allergy.

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countryKlavdi ?., 19.09.2022
countryNika G., 19.09.2022
countryMetka K., 16.09.2022
countrySaša J., 16.09.2022
countrySuzana D., 15.09.2022
countryRosana ?., 15.09.2022
countryKatarina K., 13.09.2022
countryTadeja S., 13.09.2022
countryEva D., 13.09.2022
countryMaja V., 12.09.2022
countryNataša ?., 09.09.2022
countryAna M., 08.09.2022
countryTina H., 07.09.2022
countryIvona A., 06.09.2022
countryTina P., 03.09.2022
countryTeja K., 02.09.2022
countryTeja K., 02.09.2022
countryzlata t., 30.08.2022
countryMatevž M., 29.08.2022
countryBarbara K., 24.08.2022
countryAna Marija I., 18.08.2022
countryUrška B., 18.08.2022
countryMelita ?., 18.08.2022
countryZjena B., 17.08.2022
countryAnica Z., 16.08.2022
countrySara S., 16.08.2022
countryAndreja J., 16.08.2022
countryLučka G., 15.08.2022
countryĐURĐICA B., 14.08.2022
countryTanja I., 12.08.2022
countryMateja J., 10.08.2022
countryAlenka Z., 09.08.2022
countryVesna N., 09.08.2022
countryMaksimilijana S., 09.08.2022
countryhelena m., 05.08.2022
countrySimona M., 31.07.2022
countryValerija ?., 30.07.2022
countryStanka ?., 29.07.2022
countryZlatka K., 28.07.2022
countryBrigita B., 22.07.2022
countryMATEJA M., 17.07.2022
countryMilena K., 14.07.2022
countryMojca Z., 13.07.2022
countryMelita S., 11.07.2022
countryDeja G., 10.07.2022
countryMojca A., 05.07.2022
countryBarbara M., 05.07.2022
countryMarja O., 03.07.2022
countryUrška P., 29.06.2022
countryJana P., 29.06.2022
countryNATAŠA L., 27.06.2022
countryNina F., 27.06.2022
countryMaja P., 25.06.2022
countryveronika p., 23.06.2022
countryOlga K., 20.06.2022
countryTina Š., 15.06.2022
countryVioleta ?., 09.06.2022
countryAna M., 03.06.2022
countryTjaša N., 03.06.2022
countryLea B., 01.06.2022
countryDiana K., 30.05.2022
countryJožica P., 28.05.2022
countryDRAGICA S., 24.05.2022
countryDaša G., 22.05.2022
countryOlga H., 13.05.2022
countryUrša P., 13.05.2022
countryMonika I., 12.05.2022
countrySaša B., 09.05.2022
countryUrška ?., 05.05.2022
countryRoko S., 05.05.2022
countryMaruša P., 02.05.2022
countryMateja ?., 01.05.2022
country Nadiya A., 27.04.2022
countryMirjam M., 17.04.2022
countryMartina R., 16.04.2022
countryTina K., 12.04.2022
countryPetra K., 09.04.2022
countryPetra B., 06.04.2022
countryValerija C., 04.04.2022
countryBreda ?., 02.04.2022
countryJana J., 02.04.2022
countryTjaša O., 01.04.2022
countrySuzana F., 28.03.2022
countrymilka d., 26.03.2022
countryRasema H., 23.03.2022
countryIrena S., 12.03.2022
countryIrena M., 07.03.2022
countryLuka T., 07.03.2022
countryDolores M., 06.03.2022
countryMateja K., 04.03.2022
countryLucija M., 04.03.2022
countryPetra P., 03.03.2022
countryLara ?., 01.03.2022
countryJona B., 01.03.2022
countryKarmen R., 26.02.2022
countryŠpela ?., 15.02.2022
countryInes K., 14.02.2022
countryTadeja B., 07.02.2022
countrySilvana ?., 05.02.2022
countryIrena B., 01.02.2022
countryNataša M., 28.01.2022
countryKarmen D., 27.01.2022
countrySuzana K., 26.01.2022
countryVesna H., 24.01.2022
countryBarbara Z., 24.01.2022
countryKarolina ?., 20.01.2022
countryHana K., 05.01.2022
countryAna T., 02.01.2022
countryUrska B., 01.01.2022
countryPetra P., 26.12.2021
countryDamjana B., 22.12.2021
countryTaja N., 17.12.2021
countryMajda B., 15.12.2021
countryMario D., 15.12.2021
countryTina M., 15.12.2021
countryDaniela V., 14.12.2021
countryEva L., 13.12.2021
countryKlara ?., 10.12.2021
countryVida S., 06.12.2021
countryJoži L., 03.12.2021
countryKlara T., 01.12.2021
countryMojca U., 30.11.2021
countryRenata R., 29.11.2021
countryMasa G., 25.11.2021
countryKlavdija S., 25.11.2021
countryUrška ?., 18.11.2021
countryJos K., 17.11.2021
countryIrena S., 09.11.2021
countrySara P., 07.11.2021
countryAndreja K., 24.10.2021
countryTjaša K., 18.10.2021
countryAnja F., 12.10.2021
countrySaša P., 11.10.2021
countryAnita V., 08.10.2021
countryMeliha S., 06.10.2021
countryTeja M., 19.09.2021
countryTina B., 06.09.2021
countryKatja O., 04.09.2021
countryMateja J., 01.09.2021
countrySonja B., 01.09.2021
countryPatricija M., 28.08.2021
countryFahira S., 26.08.2021
countryJožica H., 24.08.2021
countryNeca K., 24.08.2021
countryVid S., 20.08.2021
countryHEDVIKA V., 19.08.2021
countryMarija P., 15.08.2021
countryMaruša K., 15.08.2021
countryMateja M., 15.08.2021
countryMateja K., 13.08.2021
countrySAVA B., 10.08.2021
countrySara O., 08.08.2021
countryMartina K., 05.08.2021
countryManca A., 05.08.2021
countryMateja F., 05.08.2021
countryPetra ?., 01.08.2021
countryMarta K., 30.07.2021
countryAneta F., 27.07.2021
countryMarija N., 24.07.2021
countryEva T., 10.07.2021
countryDolores ?., 08.07.2021
countryMateja K., 08.07.2021
countryStanka C., 06.07.2021
countryTjaša ?., 02.07.2021
countryMaja G., 29.06.2021
countryJasmina S., 28.06.2021
countrypolona a., 28.06.2021
countryVesna K., 27.06.2021
countryKatja K., 24.06.2021
countryKatja J., 19.06.2021
countryTeja P., 17.06.2021
countryBARBARA Z., 14.06.2021
countryDoris B., 10.06.2021
countryLiljana M., 05.06.2021
countryMartina S., 04.06.2021
countrySandra J., 31.05.2021
countryTinkara M., 31.05.2021
countryJelka T., 21.05.2021
countryVanja R., 20.05.2021
countryAnja Ž., 08.05.2021
countryTina B., 07.05.2021
countryMarija M., 06.05.2021
countryBreda P., 28.04.2021
countryivana m., 21.04.2021
countryLenčka P., 19.04.2021
countryNataša V., 19.04.2021
countryNina L., 19.04.2021
countryMojca V., 18.04.2021
countrytatjana b., 14.04.2021
countryEgon M., 11.04.2021
countryhana ?., 08.04.2021
countryVida V., 07.04.2021
countryŠpela P., 04.04.2021
countryUrška O., 31.03.2021
countryMIHAELA Z., 30.03.2021
countryNatasa R., 27.03.2021
countryMiran L., 23.03.2021
countryRenata M., 23.03.2021
countryTanja R., 22.03.2021
countryPolona Z., 21.03.2021
countryMeta Z., 18.03.2021
countryMelita P., 16.03.2021
countryAsja S., 16.03.2021
countryUrška Z., 12.03.2021
countryBarbara K., 10.03.2021
countryNina M., 10.03.2021
countryEster B., 15.02.2021
countryMarjana ?., 13.02.2021
countryJelka R., 12.02.2021
countrySergeja T., 02.02.2021
countryTanja P., 02.02.2021
countryAlenka S., 27.01.2021
countryMateja R., 25.01.2021
countryMirjam V., 21.01.2021
countryJana H., 21.01.2021
countrySlavka S., 18.01.2021
countryJana R., 15.01.2021
countryAgata B., 13.01.2021
countryPetra G., 10.01.2021
countrymetka g., 26.12.2020
countryLara L., 25.12.2020
countrySimona B., 25.12.2020
countryDanijela B., 22.12.2020
countryAna R., 21.12.2020
countrySnežana M., 19.12.2020
countryMaja K., 18.12.2020
countryPetra G., 16.12.2020
countryAlenka L., 16.12.2020
countryMegi F., 16.12.2020
countryŠpela P., 14.12.2020
countryKarina K., 14.12.2020
countryKarmen K., 13.12.2020
countryKarin O., 12.12.2020
countryKlementina L., 11.12.2020
countryLidija B., 11.12.2020
countryAnita ?., 11.12.2020
countryMaja K., 08.12.2020
countryanja p., 04.12.2020
countryAnja P., 29.11.2020
countryMira S., 29.11.2020
countryJelena T., 28.11.2020
countryTatjana K., 21.11.2020
countryMaša K., 17.11.2020
countryMaja S., 16.11.2020
countryMarinka L., 10.11.2020
countryMirjana M., 07.11.2020
countryLjuba P., 07.11.2020
countryTjaša ?., 31.10.2020
countryAgata ?., 29.10.2020
countryTamara P., 28.10.2020
countryZorica U., 26.10.2020
countryCvetka H., 25.10.2020
countryMartina F., 23.10.2020
countryIvana P., 22.10.2020
countryJan K., 21.10.2020
countryMarko R., 19.10.2020
countryKatarina N., 15.10.2020
countryBranka M., 14.10.2020
countryROSANDA T., 14.10.2020
countryMarija P., 11.10.2020
countryPetra K., 09.10.2020
countrySandra H., 29.09.2020
countryDamjana K., 28.09.2020
countryTamara M., 27.09.2020
countryNeža Marianne K., 26.09.2020
countryLucija A., 23.09.2020
countryNatalija P., 21.09.2020
countryUroš K., 20.09.2020
countryBiljana V., 17.09.2020
countryBarbara V., 16.09.2020
countryLucija G., 09.09.2020
countryPetra V., 08.09.2020
countryPetra S., 04.09.2020
countryAlenka V., 03.09.2020
countryAna R., 26.08.2020
countryAnita V., 26.08.2020
countryKristina K., 22.08.2020
countryTina N., 19.08.2020
countryCecilija M., 19.08.2020
countryDarja Z., 18.08.2020
countryMiha K., 11.08.2020
countryJožica M., 08.08.2020
countryKatrca H., 06.08.2020
countryAleksandra K., 03.08.2020
countryAndreja ?., 02.08.2020
countryPolona D., 02.08.2020
countryDušanka G., 28.07.2020
countryBarbara K., 19.07.2020
countryAnamarija S., 17.07.2020
countryAnja P., 15.07.2020
countryBarbara Z., 11.07.2020
countryPatricija G., 07.07.2020
countryMojca K., 06.07.2020
countryDanijela D., 06.07.2020
countryJožica B., 03.07.2020
countryKaja G., 03.07.2020
countryKasilda B., 01.07.2020
countryBarbara P., 30.06.2020
countryTeja P., 25.06.2020
countryKristina ?., 24.06.2020
countryNika S., 24.06.2020
countryNežka L., 17.06.2020
countryana marija b., 17.06.2020
countryMateja P., 16.06.2020
countryZarja H., 13.06.2020
countryNataša K., 04.06.2020
countryAnja S., 31.05.2020
countryAndreja D., 28.05.2020
countryBarbara P., 27.05.2020
countrySabina ?., 25.05.2020
countryMija P., 24.05.2020
countryGordana P., 24.05.2020
countryJana G., 23.05.2020
countryMirjana V., 22.05.2020
countryKristina V., 14.05.2020
countryTeja R., 14.05.2020
countryAmanda K., 11.05.2020
countryPolona Z., 06.05.2020
countryŠpela S., 26.04.2020
countryGaja J., 24.04.2020
countrySilva M., 19.04.2020
countryKatja ?., 14.04.2020
countryMilena V., 10.04.2020
countryMetka G., 03.04.2020
countryDolores M., 30.03.2020
countryVanja N., 30.03.2020
countryMarija Magdalena V., 29.03.2020
countryAna N., 28.03.2020
countrySabina G., 22.03.2020
countryAjida T., 17.03.2020
countryEma L., 15.03.2020
countrySuzana R., 12.03.2020
countryMartina B., 12.03.2020
countryVeronika K., 07.03.2020
countryPavel O., 27.02.2020
countryTjasa F., 22.02.2020
countryMaruša B., 18.02.2020
countryBarbara O., 13.02.2020
countryLidija V., 31.01.2020
countryKatja G., 25.01.2020
countryKarin G., 23.01.2020
countryBarbara R., 23.01.2020
countryKlaudija P., 21.01.2020
countryUrša R., 20.01.2020
countryMarija G., 19.01.2020
countryMateja B., 18.01.2020
countryDavid A., 12.01.2020
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