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cheesecake mix 200 g - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Cheesecake Mix, 200 g

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BAM Cheesecake - an excellent mix for making cheesecake desserts at home. The mixture creates a delicious and fluffy Cheesecake cream, without baking. The preparation is very easy, as the mixture is simply mixed with water and whipped sweet cream. You can add a biscuit bottom to the cheesecake filling and further enriche the taste with fresh fruit. Our Hazelnut or Pistachio spread also goes well with the Cheesecake filling! The mixture is gluten free.

Premium quality

Easy to use

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Origin: Italy

The BAM brand are a top-quality products for home baking. They were created for the creation of top-quality confectionery with excellent appearance and exceptional taste, even at home. Do you want a rich taste and quick and easy preparation of Cheesecake dessert? We have prepared a great mixture for you for Cheesecake cream.

BAM cheesecake mixture will impress you with its easy and extremely fast preparation. The mixture creates a delicate and fluffy cream that you can use to make cheesecake cakes, desserts in a jar or as a pie filling. Cheesecake cream does not need additional baking and therefore the preparation is even faster. We recommend enriching the cheesecake cream with fresh fruit, you can also add a biscuit bottom and create a real Cheesecake cake! One package of mixture is enough to make one cheesecake (we used a 28 cm cake tin).

The possibilities are endless, let your imagination and taste run free!


Sugar, quark powder, animal gelatin (beef), modified starch, acidity regulator: citric acid (E330), dehydrated glucose syrup, flavourings.

May contain traces of soy.

How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature should not exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage. Keep in a tightly closed container.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value1650 kJ / 390 kcal
  • Total fat0,6 g
    Of which saturates 0 g
  • Carbohydrates81,4 g
    Of which sugars 75,6 g
  • Fibre0 g
  • Protein13,1 g
  • Salt0,11 g
  • Add Cheesecake powder (200 g) to 500 ml of water (10-15°C) and mix well.
  • In a special bowl, whip the unsweetened cream (500 g) until soft peaks begin to form. Then gradually add whipped cream to the mixture of water and cheesecake powder. Stir well.
  • Place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or in the freezer for at least 40 minutes. Store in the refrigerator. You can use a cake tin with a diameter of approximately 28 cm (if you use a smaller or larger cake tin, the cake will be taller or lower accordingly).
The amount of mixture, water and cream can be adjusted accordingly to prepare smaller quantities. We recommend adding fresh fruit, fruit puree, homemade cookies or biscuits to the cheesecake filling.

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  • Net weight:200 g
  • Dimensions:22,5 cm x 13 cm x 2,5 cm
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  • Available payment COD (Cash on delivery) - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Coconut cheesecake

Cheesecake without baking? Use BAM Cheesecake Mix, add BAM Protein Coconut Spread and top your cheesecake with melted BAM White Chocolate. A delicious dessert ready in just a few steps.

Simple cheesecake with strawberries

This easy cheesecake is a strawberry cake that combines a super creamy strawberry filling, cheesecake cream and a crunchy, salty-sweet cookie base. The filling for this easy cheesecake is made with cream cheese and fresh strawberries. To get an intense fruit flavor, first mash the strawberries and then slice them. This is an extra step, but it's definitely worth it. Is this a recipe for strawberry cheesecake? Is this a recipe for strawberry shortcake? It's both in one!

Cheesecake in a glass

A cheesecake that doesn't require baking is a great dessert to serve and prepare individually when you're short on time or just don't want to turn on the oven. Making a cheesecake in a jar is dead easy, and it only takes about 30 minutes. All you need are the usual ingredients and some pretty little jars. Cheesecakes have been all the rage for a few years now, and this dessert trend isn't going away anytime soon.

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( 132 Ratings)
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“Super good, very easy to prepare and gluten-free. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰”

“Super dobro, zelo enostavno za pripraviti, pa še brez glutena je. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰”

countryJasna B., 05.04.2024
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countrySnjezana Z., 21.03.2024
countryMariana L., 24.01.2024
countryJernej P., 24.01.2024
countryPatricija P., 17.01.2024
countryTjaša K., 16.01.2024

“A very good and useful cheesecake mix. I recommend it.”

“Zelo dobra in uporabna mešanica za cheescake. Priporočam usem.”

countryLuka P., 11.01.2024
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countryFrelih U., 01.12.2023
countryUrška J., 30.10.2023
countryJasmina Z., 21.10.2023
countrySuzi B., 01.09.2023
countryNatasa T., 27.07.2023
countryNives T., 19.07.2023
countryMiranda E., 17.07.2023
countryMiranda E., 17.07.2023
countryMiranda E., 17.07.2023

“Simple, fast, perfect!!”

“Preprosto, hitro, odlično!!”

countryMajda P., 11.07.2023
Show original
countryAleksandra M., 04.07.2023
countryVlasta D., 15.06.2023

“This mix of yours is really great, I can make a great cake or sponge cake quickly and without baking. It works👌🖐”

“Ta vaša mešanica je res krasna, hitro in brez pečenja lahko naredim super torto ali biskvit. Je sprobana in deluje👌🖐”

countryZora K., 10.06.2023
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countryMartina M., 30.05.2023
countryBranka M., 26.05.2023
countryAnja K., 17.05.2023
countryvesna H., 17.05.2023
countryIvana B., 09.05.2023

“Very easy to use, quick to prepare and very good 😊”

Zelo enostavno za uporabit, hitro pripravljeno in zeloooo dobro 😊”

countryPatricija R., 06.05.2023
Show original
countryMarija ?., 04.05.2023
countryMelita P., 04.05.2023
countryDora T., 02.05.2023

“I have not been able to try this product, but I know it is great, a colleague and I tried it.”

“Tega izdelka se nisem uspela preizkusiti, ampak vem , da je super, ga je kolegica in sem poskusila.”

countryIrena T., 01.05.2023
Show original
countryLana P., 20.04.2023
countryVesna B., 19.04.2023
countryMatej R., 15.04.2023
countryAna M., 11.04.2023

“Made a cheesecake today with a cookie base and fruit... it's divine... light, fluffy, not too sweet and tastes great...”

“Naredila danes cheesecake s piskotnim dnom in sadjem...bozanska je..lahka, puhasta, ne presladka in odlicnega okusa...”

countryNATALIJA M., 25.03.2023
Show original

“Very tasty.”

“Zelo okusna. ”

countrySabina K., 20.03.2023
Show original
country ., 11.03.2023
country ., 09.03.2023
countryVera M., 21.02.2023
countryŠpela P., 15.02.2023

“a great mix that never disappoints. Quick and easy to prepare. It is refreshing and not too sweet. Combined with any BAM topping, it is absolutely fantastic! Highly recommended!”

“odlična mešanica, ki nikoli ne razočara. Hitra in enostavna priprava. Sladica je osvežilna in ni presladka . V kombinaciji s kateremkoli BAM prelivom je naravnost fantastična! Priporočam!”

countrykarin r., 03.02.2023
Show original
countryŽeljana F., 24.01.2023

“The cheesecake mix is very tasty 🤗 I recommend it.”

“Mešanica za cheesecake je zelo okusna 🤗 priporočam.”

countryMaja R., 09.01.2023
Show original

“It's great..tasty and quickly prepared”

“Super je..okusno in hitro pripravljeno”

countryKlavdija L., 23.12.2022
Show original

“Super, magical and festive”

“Super, čarobno in praznično”

countryDragana B., 23.12.2022
Show original
countrySaša D., 21.12.2022
countryAlenka Z., 20.12.2022

“It's great”

“Odlično je”

countryAlenka O., 20.12.2022
Show original

“We can't wait to try it, the recipe looks tempting”

“Komaj cakamo, da probamo, recept izgleda mamljiv”

countryHELENA B., 19.12.2022
Show original

“It's great, very useful”

“Super je, zelo uporabno”

countryVesna U., 15.12.2022
Show original

“Very tasty. I am very satisfied with your product 5”

“Zelo okusno. Z vašim izdelkom sem zelo zadovoljna 5”

countryMarjana J., 15.12.2022
Show original
countryAmadea M., 11.12.2022
countrySvetlana M., 08.12.2022
countryDanijela G., 07.12.2022
countryJana A., 06.12.2022
countryZdenka R., 22.11.2022

“I'll use it for the weekend”

“Uporabim za vikend”

countryNataša B., 18.11.2022
Show original

“Great, very useful”

“Super, zelo uporabno”

countryVesna U., 15.11.2022
Show original
countryVesna U., 15.11.2022
countryTina M., 09.11.2022
countryDragica M., 07.11.2022
countryNataša L., 04.11.2022
countryUrška J., 02.11.2022
countryUrška J., 02.11.2022
countryŽeljka K., 27.10.2022
countrySuzana P., 27.10.2022
countryTina ?., 26.10.2022
countryNina S., 24.10.2022
countryMartina V., 21.10.2022
countryDaša O., 20.10.2022
countryMartina V., 18.10.2022
countryBarbara C., 15.10.2022
countryJasmina D., 11.10.2022
countryŠpela H., 08.10.2022
countryIvana Z., 06.10.2022
countryNataša ?., 05.10.2022
countryBranka V., 04.10.2022
countryBranka V., 04.10.2022
countryKATJA T., 03.10.2022
countryBISERKA G., 30.09.2022
countryBlanka A., 29.09.2022
countryDolores P., 27.09.2022
countryjana f., 26.09.2022
countryRenata B., 23.09.2022
countryIris Sculac O., 10.09.2022
countryOvsenik M., 09.09.2022
countryAnja J., 05.09.2022
countryIris Sculac O., 31.08.2022
countryMATEJA M., 26.08.2022
countryMinka P., 25.08.2022
countryMaja S., 25.08.2022
countryAnica Z., 16.08.2022



countryŠpela V., 09.08.2022
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countryMojca B., 06.08.2022
countrySilvija D., 06.08.2022
countryAMANDA M., 20.07.2022
countryNives H., 12.07.2022
countryMarjeta ?., 09.07.2022
countryMilena P., 27.05.2022
countryAnja K., 17.05.2022
countryTANJA B., 22.03.2022
countryMilena ?., 13.03.2022
countryMajda D., 13.03.2022
countryRomana M., 21.02.2022
countryPolona D., 20.02.2022
countryMateja K., 08.02.2022
countryJasmina Nina P., 28.12.2021
countryHEDVIKA V., 23.12.2021
countryOlga H., 20.11.2021
countrymaja b., 05.10.2021
countryPetra K., 25.08.2021
countryMilena L., 16.08.2021
countryVida S., 15.08.2021
countrySuzana K., 06.07.2021
countryAna M., 05.05.2021
countryDanijela B., 21.04.2021
countryKatarina K., 20.02.2021
countryAna S., 09.02.2021
countryDanica N., 24.01.2021
countryBlaž K., 04.01.2021
countryMarijana F., 23.12.2020
countryAna M., 19.09.2020
countryInes K., 12.09.2020
countrySaša J., 20.08.2020
countryBrigita ?., 13.08.2020
countryIrena M., 07.08.2020
countryMaruška K., 23.06.2020
countryVanda R., 14.06.2020
countrycvetka s., 25.05.2020
countryTinkara M., 08.04.2020
countryAnita P., 28.02.2020
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