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chocolate salami 150 g - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Chocolate salami, 150 g

(81 Ratings)
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BAM Chocolate salami is an original and sweet gift suitable for everyone and for any occasion. With its authentic image of salami and delicious chocolate scent, it will impress all sweet lovers, and many people will exchange this sweet chocolate salami for the real one. The salami is made from premium dark and milk chocolate, with exquisite hazelnuts and vanilla biscuits added for extra crunchiness and an authentic look. For sweet moments with loved ones!

Suitable for a gift


At least 50 % hazelnuts

Origin: Slovenia

BAM is a top product line created with the vision to bring the premium quality of chocolate and professional baking products closer to domestic confectioners. BAM products are intended for everyone who loves to create with high quality ingredients and sophisticated flavors even behind the home kitchen counter. Become a master of confectionery with us!

The emphasis is on top-quality ingredients, the result of which are quality products with an excellent, rich taste, as well as our excellent Chocolate Salami. Chocolate salami (150 g) is made from premium 60% dark chocolate, 41% milk chocolate, hazelnut cream, roasted hazelnuts and vanilla biscuits. At first glance, the product really looks like a real meat salami, but with the first bite, the taster recognizes the great taste of a real chocolate dream.

A perfect taste that does not need bread and cheese!

Dark chocolate (cocoa mass (min. 60% cocoa), sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavouring), milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, dehydrated butter, whey powder (milk), cocoa mass (min. 41% cocoa), emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), cream, vanilla cookies (wheat flour type 500, vegetable fats (vegetable fats and refined palm oils, water, flavourings. Without hydrogenated fats, preservatives and colouring agents), sugar, eggs, milk powder, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, natural vanilla flavouring), 100% hazelnut paste, hazelnuts, dehydrated butter.
How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature should not exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2476 kJ / 591 kcal
  • Total fat40,8 g
    Of which saturates 23,7 g
  • Carbohydrates46,3 g
    Of which sugars 43,6 g
  • Fibre0,3 g
  • Protein6,5 g
  • Salt0,17 g

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  • Net weight:150 g
  • Dimensions:26 cm x 3,7 cm
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( 81 Ratings)
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countryMartina H., 16.02.2024

“we have opened one and will give two away for a gift and were very impressed...very very good... the drawback is that it is too small😊”

“eno smo odprli, dve pa bomo podarili in bili zelo navdušeni...zelo zelo dobra... pomanjklivost pa je, da je premajhna😊”

countrySimon G., 21.12.2023
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“I will use it as a gift, I can''t rate it”

“bom uporabila za darilo, ne morem ocenit”

countryIrena ?., 06.12.2023
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countryNenad ?., 08.08.2023
countryNatasa T., 27.07.2023

“Bought as a present for my chocoholic husband. It's pretty and tasteful :) ”

“Kupila za darilo možu čokoholiku. Lično, okus pa še počakam, da jo načne....če bom prišla do rezine :).”

countryRenata K., 25.05.2023
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country ., 13.03.2023
country ., 13.03.2023
countryKarmela C., 17.01.2023

“It will be a great present.I look forward to seeing what joy it will be.”

“Super darilo bo.Se veselim kakšno bo veselje.”

countryZdenka H., 25.12.2022
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countryMatjaž K., 24.12.2022
countrySuzana B., 12.12.2022
countryMarjan L., 03.12.2022
countryŽiga T., 17.11.2022
countryALENA V., 16.11.2022

“Since it is intended as a gift, I will talk about the flavors another time. Otherwise, everything is ok.”

“Ker je namenjeno za darilo, bom o okusih povedal kdaj drugič. Drugače pa vse ok. ”

countryMatej M., 20.10.2022
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countryLea ?., 19.10.2022
countryLea ?., 19.10.2022
countryUrška K., 17.10.2022
countryRok K., 15.10.2022
countryMario P., 13.10.2022
countryIvan W., 10.10.2022
countryMarinka F., 08.10.2022
countryMetka P., 23.09.2022
countryIvanka L., 06.09.2022
countrymaja m., 01.09.2022
countryAndrej Č., 10.08.2022
countryTomaž C., 25.07.2022
countryMateja D., 23.07.2022
countryBarbara P., 24.05.2022
countryTilen P., 15.04.2022
countryroman m., 11.04.2022
countryNaja O., 15.02.2022
countrySandra O., 10.02.2022
countryLea P., 09.02.2022
countryDolores M., 29.01.2022
countryAnita R., 25.01.2022
countryMatjaž B., 21.01.2022
countryKlemen K., 20.01.2022
countryTanja K., 15.01.2022
countryNataša K., 09.01.2022
countryAleksandra K., 06.01.2022
countryBranko F., 05.12.2021
countryEmanuela M., 13.10.2021
countryKatrina M., 08.10.2021
countryMaruša p., 02.10.2021
countryTilen R., 26.09.2021
countryHermina b., 17.09.2021
countryJanja B., 10.09.2021
countryMateja K., 27.08.2021
countryPETROL MIRAN VIDIC V., 21.07.2021
countryPatricija M., 10.06.2021
countryDolores M., 19.05.2021
countryMAJA I., 02.05.2021
countryAndreja K., 21.04.2021
countryKaja K., 18.04.2021
countryZara U., 16.03.2021
countryMilena L., 27.02.2021
countryAna O., 19.01.2021
countryEstera L., 10.01.2021
countryMojca L., 18.12.2020
countryLucija V., 09.12.2020
countryEma R., 01.12.2020
countryNeža M., 16.10.2020
countryPetra P., 11.09.2020
countryMarta O., 16.08.2020
countryPetra P., 12.07.2020
countryEster J., 12.07.2020
countryJasna F., 25.06.2020
countryTatjana M., 11.05.2020
countryMirjana L., 17.04.2020
countryMagdalena M., 16.04.2020
countryTANJA M., 02.04.2020
countryKatarina H., 24.03.2020
countryALEKSANDER ?., 10.03.2020
countryJure S., 05.03.2020
countryBreda P., 24.02.2020
countryMarjan R., 09.02.2020
countryAlenka R., 02.02.2020
countryTina L., 24.01.2020
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