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Chocolate Slovenia

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15. 09. 2022

Chocolate Slovenia consists of twelve handmade chocolate pieces that represent the diversity of our country through their 3D relief and flavor. Each region is unique and wildly different, just like the parts of Chocolate Slovenia. Let the flavors carry you through a chocolate experience across Slovenia.

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Origin: Slovenia

Chocolate Slovenia will convince even the most demanding palates with its exquisite appearance and taste. The handmade chocolate in the shape of Slovenia is unique thanks to its carefully selected additives and embossed shape, and packaged in sleek black packaging with gold accents, it provides a prestigious look that impresses.

The chocolate comprises 12 pieces representing each region and its traditions. Each part is characterized by its sprinkles, which combine with the chocolate to create a varied range of flavors:

  • In the center, under a piece of central Slovenia, we are surprised by the well-known tarragon, which, as well as tarragon cake, also goes well with milk chocolate.
  • The Gorenjska region is covered with mountains, under which are hidden dried pear trees.
  • The Goriška region is famous for its flowers, so a rose is hidden underneath the white chocolate.
  • The salt flower is traditional to the Coastal Carinthia region, which combines with the chocolate to form an interesting sweet and salty combination.
  • Primorsko-Notranjska is covered with lavender, which will soak your senses with taste and smell.
  • For the South-Eastern region, bees have collected the pollen.
  • Like the Slovenian walnut cake, Chocolate Slovenia must have walnuts hidden under the Posavina region.
  • There is a strawberry hidden under a piece of white Zasavje.
  • The Savinja region is famous for its apples, so a dried Savinja apple is underneath the piece.
  • The most interesting combination is found under the Carinthia region, which hides a roasted onion. Let it surprise you!
  • The Podravie region is well-known for its pumpkins, so roasted pumpkin seeds can be found there.
  • In a little piece of the flat Pomurje region, dark chocolate has hemp seeds.

Chocolate Slovenia is a suitable gift for business partners or foreigners who want a tasty way to show how small but diverse our country is. Let your senses take you over valleys and mountains, salty and sweet, and develop an actual Slovenian experience!


Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa fraction: min. 60 %), milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla flavor. Cocoa fraction: min. 42 %), white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavor).

Sprinkles (pumpkin seeds, dried apples, dried pears, walnuts, pollen, roasted onions, hemp seeds, sea salt, freeze-dried strawberries, lavender, rose petals, dried tarragon).

It may contain traces of milk and nuts.

How to store
Chocolate should be stored at a temperature between 15 and 20°C in a dry, dark place. The room temperature should never exceed 25°C and the chocolate should not be exposed to direct light. Avoid storing chocolate in a refrigerator.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2698 kJ / 644,8 kcal
  • Total fat44 g
    Of which saturates 44 g
  • Carbohydrates52 g
    Of which sugars 49 g
  • Protein7 g
  • Sodium0,2 g
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( 25 Ratings)
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countryLucija M., 23.11.2023

“Hitra dostava, odličen support, pohvalno! ”


countryKošarkarska zveza S., 13.12.2022

“Glede na to da potujem v Kalifornijo, je to idealno darilo za moje prijatelje. Čokoladna Slovenija z zelo lepo in atraktivno embalažo. ”


countryJelena V., 29.09.2022



countrySamanta K., 10.08.2022

“Odlična ideja za darilo tujcem.”


countrySabina K., 07.07.2022



countryAleksandra G., 25.06.2022

“prelepo darilo za rojstni dan ”


countryLucija R., 18.04.2022

“odlično, predvsem ker sem potrebovala darilo za tujino”


countryBOJANA ?., 05.04.2022

“Ni kaj ocenjevati To je za čisto desetko”


countryEmil S., 31.03.2022

“Vse je bilo ok”


countryLara F., 14.01.2022

“Izjemen izdelek, zelo primeren za obdarovanje osebe, ki jo cenimo.”


countryEva L., 14.10.2021

“Zelo dobro.”


countryJanez C., 14.09.2021



countryDora S., 15.08.2021

“Težko komentiram, ker je bilo poslano naprej za darilo. Glede na zunanji izgled in opis na škatli, se mi zdi zelo lepo darilo tudi za tuje goste.”


countryUrška S., 11.08.2021

“Odlično izgleda! Nismo je še probali, ker je za darilo.”


countryNeli S., 26.07.2021

“Odlično darilo zta poslovne partnerje!”

“The perfect gift for your business partners!”

countryQUADROFOIL D.O.O. P., 17.07.2021
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“Pohvale za okusen in ličen izdelek ter hitro in prijazno dostavo.”


countryPetra P., 03.06.2021

“Vredno svojega denarja. Sladko ter ravnopravšnje darilo.”


countryMarko H., 16.04.2021

“Odlično. Lp, Mateja”


countryMateja K., 11.04.2021

“Ne morem ocenit ker je bila zs darilo”


countryKARLA H., 25.12.2020

“Presega pričakovanja! Več kot zanimiv izbor okusov.”


countryBranko F., 06.10.2020

“Super darilo za prijatelje v tujini. ”


countryAnja S., 10.07.2020

“Super ideja za poslovno darilo. Zelo smo zadovoljni.”


countryMelita F., 17.06.2020

“Čudovito darilo :)”


countryMateja L., 31.05.2020

“Na žalost ne morem oceniti izdelka, ker je bil kupljen za darilo😜. Upam, da ga bodo v ZDA veseli.”


countryCarmen K., 13.04.2020
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