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dark chocolate drops 1 kg - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Dark Chocolate Drops, 1 kg

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BAM Dark chocolate is a universal, premium baking chocolate. Cocoa butter, 55.6% cocoa parts and real vanilla give the chocolate just the right bitter chocolate taste. Due to its versatility, it can be used in the preparation of almost any dessert. BAM dark chocolate becomes indispensable in the preparation of chocolate decorations, chocolate mousses or other desserts, where the main role is played by a genuine and bitter chocolate flavor. The chocolate is formed into smaller drops which allows the chocolate to melt quickly and evenly. Chocolate is gluten free.

Premium quality

Easy to use

At least 55,6 % cocoa

Origin: Germany

BAM chocolate collection is made with top quality ingredients combined in a great and sophisticated flavour. BAM products are perfect for everyone who wants to take their sweet creations to the next level and bake just like the pastry pros.

BAM Dark chocolate (1000g) will impress you with its universality, as it can really be used in most chocolate recipes. Our largest pack of BAM dark chocolate is thus suitable when you need a larger amount of chocolate to prepare a variety of desserts, chocolate decorations, creams, toppings, biscuits or other creamy structures. You can also have it at home if you prepare desserts less often, as it is packed in convenient packaging, which prevents the chocolate from losing its authentic smell or taste after opening. Chocolate contains at least 55.6% cocoa parts, real cocoa butter and real vanilla, which is reflected in the genuine and just right bitter-sweet taste.

BAM baking products are intended for both, home creators as well as professional confectioners who whish to take their baking creations to a next level.


Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring.

May contain traces of milk. Dry cocoa solids: 55,6 %.

How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature shouldnot exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2297 kJ / 549 kcal
  • Total fat36,1 g
    Of which saturates 21,6 g)
  • Carbohydrates46,2 g
    Of which sugars 43,5 g
  • Fibre8,1 g
  • Protein5,1 g
  • Salt0,01 g

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  • Net weight:1000 g
  • Dimensions:31 cm x 21 cm x 5 cm
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  • Available payment COD (Cash on delivery) - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Sour Cherry Chocolate Cake

You could call this the chocolate version of the Schwarzwald cake. It consists of a co- coa sponge, a sour cherry layer and a mild, fluffy dark chocolate filling. The cherry on top (no pun intended) is the sour cherry liqueur in the sour cherry core, the liqueur is also added to the cocoa used to moisten the sponge. If the cake will also be enjoyed by children or you simply dislike the liqueur, substitute it with amarena cherry syrup – it can also be omitted, the cake will still be delicious.

Chocolate mousse pie

Chocolate mousse is so chocolatey, so fluffy, so rich, so creamy. The chocolate mousse is absolutely perfect and incredibly easy to make! The chocolate mousse pie is made with just a few basic ingredients: chocolate, marshmallows, butter, milk, whipping cream, vanilla paste, and Oreo cookies.

Chocolate cake pops

How do you make chocolate cake pops? Very easy! Making them is as easy as pie: chocolate sponge + chocolate glaze + pretty decoration = best chocolate cakepops!

Triple chocolate cake with bananas

This triple chocolate cake with banana will delight both those who love bananas and those who prefer other fruits. The three layers of chocolate cake are very flavorful, and while you're eating a cake that tastes like chocolate, neither is the chocolate flavor so intense that you can't taste the bananas in it. Remember, the right balance of ingredients makes a delicious dessert!

No-bake chocolate cake

This could be your new best no-bake chocolate cake recipe. With its super moist and soft interior, light texture and easy preparation, it can save you in many situations: when you have unannounced visitors or want to satisfy your sweet tooth without a mountain of dirty dishes waiting for you at the end of the day. The ingredients also make it easy to prepare, because the no-bake chocolate cake is made with only six ingredients.

Cake chocolate glaze with milk or dark chocolate

Chocolate cake glaze is a mixture of chocolate and warm heavy cream, most commonly in a 1:1 ratio. Smooth, silky and glossy, cake icing is a staple in any pastry chef's kitchen. Not only is it quick and easy to prepare, but its use is also extremely versatile. Chocolate cake glaze is suitable for dipping, for example when making coconut cubes or cake pops, it is suitable as a spread, as a glaze or as a topping.

Cake frosting or ganache cream

We all know that even the best desserts only look perfect when you add a little decoration. One of them is ganache cream. There are several ways to prepare it, but the most important thing is that you always follow the same procedure. This time, in addition to the ingredients, I'm sharing with you a few tips that will make your ganache a success.

Salted caramel brownies

How does a recipe for homemade brownies with biscuits, salted caramel topping and a pinch of freshly ground sea salt sound? The sumptuous taste will spoil your taste buds and the preparation itself is not as difficult as it sounds. This time, we won't add the salted caramel topping to the sponge cake itself, but we will top the baked brownies with the creamy texture of the topping. When the brownies are cut into pieces, the topping will spread gently over the edges, giving the brownies a special flavour.

Homemade Cake pops recipe

Increasingly popular, cake pops are suitable for any occasion. Recently, they have even replaced the classic cake at birthday celebrations. That's why we've created a recipe for vanilla sponge cake pops, with the perfect vanilla flavour from BAM vanilla paste. If you don't make celebrity cakes because you're worried about the preparation, don't worry anymore. 

Chocolate beetroot cake

Recipe for chocolate beetroot cake. A cake for the biggest chocoholics, where the rich taste of chocolate and the delicate texture of beetroot combine in a winning combination. We have used BAM dark chocolate in this recipe.

How to make easy chocolate mousse in minutes

As the name suggests, chocolate mousse, or mousse au chocolat, comes from France, which means chocolate foam in French. It is believed to have been first made by French chocolatiers in the 18th century. Its divine taste was soon recognised across the ocean in America, where one of their newspapers was the first to publish a recipe for it.

Cheesecake is an easy dessert that will impress you

Cheesecake is a quick dessert that allows for a great deal of creativity when creating creamy fillings. We assure you that there are precisely as many cheesecake recipes as there are ideas for different fillings and flavor combinations! So the range is endless; you only need a few essential ingredients and a lot of creativity.

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countryĐurđica B., 05.04.2024

“They are excellent, all the products, already tested many times”

“Odlični so, vsi izdelki, že mnogokrat stestirani”

countryInes K., 14.03.2024
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countrySanja V., 13.03.2024

“The chocolate melts nicely, no lumps form. The flavour is fantastic, not bitter at all and not too sweet. When there''s nothing sweet in the house, a few drops come in handy to sweeten up too 😅🥲”

“Čokolada se lepo stali, ne delajo se grudice. Aroma je fantastična, grenka sploh ni in ni presladka. Ko ni nič sladkega v hiši, tudi pride prav par kapljic za posladkat se 😅🥲”

countryBarbara V., 28.12.2023
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countryRenata F., 30.11.2023
countryErika V., 23.11.2023
countryMateja J., 23.11.2023
countryPavel A., 23.11.2023
countryKarin O., 07.11.2023
countryTanja A., 07.11.2023
countryZvonka O., 06.11.2023
countryPetra F., 03.11.2023
countryMaja O., 03.11.2023
countryDamjana P., 03.11.2023
countryPolona S., 02.11.2023
countryIRENA S., 02.11.2023
countryJelena N., 31.10.2023

“The best chocolate for all kinds of desserts. With this chocolate, everything always works!”

“Najboljša čokolada za vse vrste sladic. S to čokolado vedno vse uspe!”

countryPatricija D., 30.10.2023
Show original
countryKatja ?., 21.10.2023
countryValentin K., 21.10.2023
countryDiana J., 12.09.2023

“The only chocolate that hasn''t let me down when baking.”

“Edina čokolada, ki me pri peki še ni pustila na cedilu.”

countryAnja I., 04.09.2023
Show original
countryLara E., 28.08.2023
countryerika k., 01.08.2023
countrySandra J., 25.07.2023
countryManca K., 25.07.2023
countryAntonija K., 11.07.2023



countryInes K., 10.07.2023
Show original
countryDiana J., 05.07.2023

“Great, baking is easier with chocolate drops”

“Super, s čokolado v kapljicah je peka preprostejša”

countryJanja K., 29.06.2023
Show original
countryEllen V., 20.06.2023
countryMarinka N., 17.05.2023
countryRibič U., 07.05.2023
countryIvana F., 04.05.2023

“Great for homemade granola bowls.”

“Super za domače granola mislije.”

countrySchmidt N., 02.05.2023
Show original
countryLEA B., 13.04.2023
countryGabrijela B., 07.04.2023
countryGabrijela B., 07.04.2023
countryMarina ?., 21.03.2023
countryJelena B., 20.03.2023

“Great for many desserts🙂”

“Odlično za mnogo sladic🙂”

countryCvetka J., 18.03.2023
Show original

“Finally, I have both chocolates, plus vanilla paste. I can't wait to start baking.”

“Končno imam obe čokoladi, pa še vanilijevo pasto. Komaj čakam, da začnem s peko.”

countryMarina, 28.02.2023
Show original
countryMARINA B., 22.02.2023

“Excellent chocolate, very useful and versatile. My favourite BAM chocolate.”

“Odlična čokolada, zelo uporabna in vsestranska. Moja najljubša BAM čokolada.”

countryPetra P., 18.02.2023
Show original
countryKatja S., 14.02.2023
countryĐurđica B., 11.02.2023
countryVinko ?., 10.02.2023
countryPetra V., 10.02.2023
countryMarina P., 09.02.2023
countrySchmidt N., 01.02.2023
countryIRENA P., 31.01.2023
countryKatja ?., 19.01.2023
countryVesna G., 18.01.2023
countryIra G., 17.01.2023

“It's great”

“Super je, žmetnega okusa👌👌👌”

countryNatasa R., 09.01.2023
Show original
countryJasmina M., 23.12.2022
countryMojca V., 21.12.2022
countryAlma ?., 21.12.2022
countryMartina H., 17.12.2022
countryMateja R., 16.12.2022
countryKristina Ana ?., 13.12.2022
countryJelka K., 16.11.2022
countrySlavica M., 15.11.2022

“Excellent, delicious, easy to use”

“Odlicna, slastna, enostavna uporaba”

countryAndreja B., 14.11.2022
Show original
countryKatja K., 13.11.2022
countryJelena K., 10.11.2022
countryVeselko Kristan U., 08.11.2022

“The best dark chocolate for desserts, muffins, etc., or on its own as a snack :)”

“Najboljša temna čokolada za sladice, muffine ipd., ali pa samostojno kot prigrizek :)”

countryAndreja B., 05.11.2022
Show original
countryRomana ?., 28.10.2022
countryUrška T., 27.10.2022
countryIvana D., 25.10.2022
countryVioleta K., 25.10.2022
countryMarina H., 25.10.2022

“The best chocolate on the market”

“Najboljša čokolada na trgu”

countryMaruša F., 21.10.2022
Show original
countryMaruša F., 21.10.2022
countryAljosa V., 20.10.2022
countryAljosa V., 20.10.2022
countryMarina ?., 20.10.2022
countryMarina ?., 20.10.2022
countryDaša J., 18.10.2022
countryUrška K., 17.10.2022
countryUrska D., 13.10.2022
countryNika ?., 05.10.2022
countryFerida B., 01.10.2022
countryEllen V., 30.09.2022
countryljiljana k., 29.09.2022
countryDRAGICA S., 27.09.2022
countryTeja B., 26.09.2022
countryTina P., 24.09.2022
countryTina P., 24.09.2022
countryJanja D., 22.09.2022
countryMarina S., 20.09.2022
countryDenis I., 20.09.2022
countryDragica ?., 19.09.2022



countryJerka M., 07.09.2022
Show original

“It's great😘😘”

“Super je😘😘”

countryDenis I., 07.09.2022
Show original
countryRenata G., 30.08.2022
countryTamara P., 29.08.2022
countryMateja A., 25.08.2022
countryIvanka L., 25.08.2022
countryKLARA K., 22.08.2022
countrySonja L., 21.08.2022
countryInes K., 20.08.2022
countrySara S., 16.08.2022
countryAndrejka J., 15.08.2022
countryPetra K., 12.08.2022
countryMateja G., 10.08.2022

“I love this chocolate, it melts beautifully and is really easy to use. The desserts are unique.”

“Obožujem to čokolado, lepo se topi in res je enostavna za uporabo.Sladice so enkratne.”

countryMaksimilijana S., 09.08.2022
Show original
countryEva L., 05.08.2022
countryVanja J., 25.07.2022
countrySabina P., 22.06.2022
countrybernarda p., 20.06.2022
countryMira S., 16.06.2022
countryBrigita B., 14.06.2022
countrySimona ?., 12.06.2022
countryMeliha S., 08.06.2022
countryIvanka L., 30.05.2022



countryjasmina j., 27.05.2022
Show original
countryMateja K., 07.05.2022
countryTina M., 29.04.2022
countryUrška T., 22.04.2022
countryJana s., 20.04.2022
countryAnita V., 19.04.2022
countrysandra s., 16.04.2022
countryTina K., 10.04.2022
countryIgor G., 09.04.2022
countryAgata ?., 27.03.2022
countryKarin G., 24.03.2022
countryMaja M., 18.03.2022


“Cista 5”

countryPetra G., 07.03.2022
Show original
countryOlga H., 03.03.2022
countryMaja K., 02.03.2022
countryDamjana T., 25.02.2022
countryMartina S., 20.02.2022
countryNeva L., 17.02.2022
countryjasmina m., 15.02.2022
countryMatjaž M., 15.02.2022
countryTeja V., 14.02.2022
countryMija P., 06.02.2022
countryMilena P., 25.01.2022
countryNATAŠA P., 25.01.2022
countryKlavdija R., 20.01.2022
countrySimona B., 08.01.2022
countryKlavdija U., 03.01.2022
countryDARJA M., 02.01.2022
countryTine K., 19.12.2021
countryFranc P., 13.12.2021
countryTanja G., 11.12.2021
countryNEVENKA L., 05.12.2021
countryMaja B., 04.12.2021
countryKatarina T., 28.11.2021
countrySuzana U., 16.11.2021
countryDoris L., 11.11.2021
countryMarta K., 01.11.2021
countryNežka L., 31.10.2021
countryTina ?., 27.10.2021
countryMaja P., 23.10.2021
countryMaja P., 15.10.2021
countryPatricija S., 15.10.2021
countryMaja ?., 14.10.2021
countryAna R., 14.10.2021
countryDiana ?., 10.10.2021
countrySimona D., 05.10.2021
countryANA K., 03.10.2021
countryKatja P., 30.09.2021
countryValentina P., 26.09.2021

“It is excellent and melts very well”

“Odlična je zelo lepo se topi”

countryMojca B., 25.09.2021
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countryKatarina L., 25.09.2021
countryMartina R., 19.09.2021
countryanita k., 08.09.2021
countryMarisa V., 03.09.2021
countryTanja M., 31.08.2021
countryMateja M., 28.08.2021
countryMateja F., 13.08.2021
countryNataša ?., 22.07.2021
countryMarija B., 18.07.2021
countryMOJCA P., 18.07.2021
countryAndreja B., 01.07.2021
countryKsenija B., 19.06.2021
countryMaja K., 03.06.2021
countryMojca K., 23.05.2021
countryRok R., 22.05.2021

“It could have been more cocoa, otherwise the chocolate taste great.”

“Kakšen % kakava bi lahko bilo več. Sicer je pa okus čokolade zelo ok.”

countryIgor P., 21.05.2021
Show original
countryMarta O., 10.05.2021
countryEva B., 06.05.2021
countryJoži L., 24.04.2021
countryAna Marija B., 21.04.2021
countryValentina N., 13.04.2021
countrySvetlana M., 07.04.2021
countryJožica M., 31.03.2021
countryKatja H., 26.03.2021
countryTanja K., 26.03.2021
countryAnuška Z., 08.03.2021
countryMateja J., 02.03.2021
countryDarja P., 15.02.2021
countryDarko R., 14.02.2021
countryPetra O., 14.02.2021
countryTina G., 10.02.2021
countryOlga K., 08.02.2021
countryJOŽICA O., 03.02.2021
countryErwin P., 05.01.2021
countrytatjana b., 04.01.2021



countryDoroteja V., 25.12.2020
Show original
countryTeja P., 23.12.2020

“Very good chocolate, the prepared cake was great, it is very creamy so gelatin in the cream was not necessary :)”

“Zelo dobra čokolada, pripravljena torta je bila super, je zelo kremasta tako da želatina v kremi ni bila potrebna :) ”

countryklavdija z., 23.12.2020
Show original
countryAlenka ?., 19.12.2020
countryMirica ?., 16.12.2020
countryVera K., 13.12.2020
countryManca K., 11.12.2020
countryŠpela ?., 07.12.2020
countrySaša Z., 16.11.2020

“The chocolate melts very well, the texture is even, fine without bubbles. Nicely spreadable, easy to form chocolate decorations. It gently dissolves in the mouth and leaves a full taste.”

“Čokolada se zelo dobro topi, tekstura enakomerna, fina brez mehurčkov. Lepo mazljiva, enostavna za oblikovanje čokoladnih okraskov. V ustih se nežno raztopi in pusti poln okus.”

countryMartina H., 12.11.2020
Show original
countryMatej F., 04.11.2020
countryDanica P., 30.10.2020
countryDarja ?., 18.10.2020
countryKarin O., 13.10.2020
countryJelka R., 28.09.2020

“all chocolates are very good”

“5vse cokolade so zelo dobre5”

countryMarija G., 27.09.2020
Show original
countryMelita S., 23.09.2020
countryMaša K., 18.09.2020
countryRomana K., 12.09.2020
countryAnja K., 11.09.2020
countryKarmen A., 26.08.2020
countryVeronika J., 22.08.2020
countryNataša ?., 19.08.2020
countryKatrca H., 01.08.2020
countryLara E., 23.07.2020
countryJasmina ?., 19.07.2020
countryMATEJA S., 19.07.2020
countryMaša B., 18.07.2020
countryTamara P., 18.07.2020
countryBarbara K., 09.07.2020
countryKristina K., 06.07.2020
countrySuazana B., 05.07.2020
countryMAJA M., 23.06.2020
countryNina S., 16.06.2020
countryAna S., 16.06.2020
countryAndina B., 10.06.2020
countryKristina V., 04.06.2020
countryMojca K., 04.06.2020
countrySandra J., 22.05.2020
countryIris T., 16.05.2020
countryZala R., 01.05.2020
countryTina M., 24.04.2020
countryJan K., 23.04.2020
countrymateja ?., 14.04.2020
countryivana m., 10.04.2020
countryAna L., 08.03.2020
countryUrška G., 06.03.2020
countrySergeja Z., 29.02.2020
countryVida V., 17.02.2020
countrykarmen ?., 02.02.2020
countryVesna G., 25.01.2020
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