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dark chocolate drops 500 g - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Dark Chocolate Drops, 500 g

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BAM Dark chocolate is a universal, premium baking chocolate. Cocoa butter, 55.6% cocoa parts and real vanilla give the chocolate just the right bitter chocolate taste. Due to its versatility, it can be used in the preparation of almost any dessert. BAM dark chocolate becomes indispensable in the preparation of chocolate decorations, chocolate mousses or other desserts, where the main role is played by a genuine and bitter chocolate flavor. The chocolate is formed into smaller drops which allows the chocolate to melt quickly and evenly. Chocolate is gluten free.

Premium quality

Easy to use

At least 55,6 % cocoa

Origin: Germany

BAM chocolate collection is made with top quality ingredients combined in a great and sophisticated flavour. BAM products are perfect for everyone who wants to take their sweet creations to the next level and bake just like the pastry pros. The BAM collection also includes excellent Dark Chocolate in drops.

BAM Dark chocolate (500 g) will impress you with its universality, as it can really be used in most chocolate recipes. It is ideal for preparing creams, ganas, mousses, ice creams, biscuits, biscuits and other creamy chocolate structures. It can also be used for modeling and preparation of chocolate decorations. Chocolate contains at least 55.6% cocoa parts, real cocoa butter and real vanilla, which is reflected in the genuine and just right bitter-sweet taste.

BAM baking products are intended for both, home creators as well as professional confectioners who whish to take their baking creations to a next level.


Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring.

May contain traces of milk. Dry cocoa solids: 55,6 %.

How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature shouldnot exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2297 kJ / 549 kcal
  • Total fat36,1 g
    Of which saturates 21,6 g
  • Carbohydrates46,2 g
    Of which sugars 43,5 g
  • Fibre8,1 g
  • Protein5,1 g
  • Salt0,01 g

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Chocolate Squares with Coconut and Sour Cream

Chocolate squares with sour cream are a quick and delicious dessert. They consist of a moist cacao sponge with a hint of rum and a coconut filling with sour cream. The sour cream gives the cake a fresh kick and everyone knows coconut and chocolate go great together! It is important to allow for enough time for the squares to chill com- pletely – they taste best the next day when the flavors have mingled.

Chocolate Mousse in a Glass

I love chocolate. I really enjoyed preparing this dessert and could hardly wait to taste the result. Chocolate never disappoints, and this dessert really allows it to shine! The mousse is made with heat-treated yolks, meaning that raw eggs are not a concern. The preparation itself is quick and easy, since the chilling process takes up most of the indicated time. But it definitely pays off! Makes 4 chocolate mousse  desserts in a glass of 2 dl.

Ice cake

The ice cake is the ideal choice for lovers of creamy desserts. The iced cake cream is egg-based, with BAM white and dark chocolate added. Of course the chocolates can be interchanged to create different flavours of cake.

Kinder Maxi King cake

The Kinder Maxi King cake is the most popular cake. The cake consists of delicious milk cream, caramel, chocolate and hazelnut croquant. The cream is enriched with BAM vanilla paste. And to make sure that the cake really tastes like dairy cream, condensed milk is irreplaceable.

Chocolate mousse with raspberry filling

Have you ever made chocolate mousse with raspberry filling? Preparing chocolate mousse is quite simple: while the ingredient list is quite straightforward, there are a few intermediate steps that require a little more attention. Before you add the egg yolk to the chocolate mousse, make sure the chocolate tastes just right. If the chocolate is too hot, the eggs will cook; if it's too cold, they will curdle and the ingredients won't bind. Put some melted chocolate on your bottom lip to determine the right temperature.

Brownies with cheesecake filling

Brownies with cheesecake filling are the perfect hit for anyone who loves brownies and cheesecake. The cheesecake filling provides a rich flavor where chocolate and the creamy texture of the filling compete for supremacy.

Chocolate muffins recipe

This recipe makes chocolate muffins that are incredibly moist and fluffy, filled with chocolate chips with a rich chocolate flavor. To really delight your taste buds, we add BAM chocolate hazelnut spread to the chocolate muffins. The spread gives the chocolate muffins an exceptional hazelnut flavor and a creamy center.

Chocolate mousse pie

Chocolate mousse is so chocolatey, so fluffy, so rich, so creamy. The chocolate mousse is absolutely perfect and incredibly easy to make! The chocolate mousse pie is made with just a few basic ingredients: chocolate, marshmallows, butter, milk, whipping cream, vanilla paste, and Oreo cookies.

Chocolate orange cake

Chocolate orange cake is a classic that has no equal! No gelatin is needed to make the cake, as it is filled with a Parisian filling that consists of only two ingredients: BAM drops of dark chocolate and whipped cream.

Soufflé for two

Chocolate soufflé is a dessert with so much chocolate flavor that no other chocolate dessert can compete. We have prepared a recipe that allows you to prepare a chocolate soufflé for just two people. To prepare it, in addition to the usual ingredients, you need two standard size chocolate soufflé molds and BAM drops of dark chocolate. The chocolate drops ensure an even and easy melting.

Chocolate ganache with BAM chocolate wine

This chocolate ganache with BAM chocolate wine is thick, dark and more versatile than you can imagine. The chocolate ganache is made from five ingredients: Whipped cream, chocolate, butter, sugar and BAM chocolate wine. Chocolate ganache can be poured over ice cream, used as a topping for cheesecake or even your favorite chocolate cake. It can be used as a filling for cupcakes, as a spread for moist brownies, as a topping for your favorite cheesecake, or as a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart. Or you can forget about it all and just eat it with a spoon.

Chocolate cookies

The chocolate cookies are made with hazelnut flour. Once you realize how easily the hazelnut flour is made and how nutty it makes the cookies taste, you'll fall in love with this. Melted BAM dark chocolate gives the cookies a hint of cocoa, while the rich and creamy BAM chocolate hazelnut spread enhances them with a real and intense hazelnut flavor.

Waffles with BAM Black Cocoa Powder

BAM Black Cocoa Powder is the cocoa that turns delicious black chocolate wafers, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. African beans and Dutch production give the cocoa powder its dark color. With the following recipe, the waffles won't be too sweet, so you can serve them with all your favorite toppings! Black waffles are a great breakfast idea.

Chocolate mousse with whipped cream

As we all know, the preparation of a traditional French-style chocolate mousse usually requires eggs. The preparation requires that for the chocolate mousse you whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, add the melted chocolate, whisk the egg whites separately and then fold very carefully in order not to destroy all the perfect little air bubbles.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever! No weird, unknown ingredients, no chilling time, etc. A simple, straightforward, incredibly delicious recipe for chocolate chip cookies that always succeeds.

Whipped hot chocolate

Homemade hot chocolate? You know, that sweet, creamy, heavenly treat that makes your taste buds dance? Hot chocolate with whipped cream is perfect for the upcoming December evenings, when we wrap ourselves in a blanket and warm our hands with a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Double Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

These double chocolate and raspberry muffins will be your new favorite breakfast, snack at work or relaxing meal. The chocolate muffins in our recipe are super delicious, full of chocolate flavor and filled with juicy raspberries as well as dark chocolate chips.

Classic chocolate cake

Are you looking for a recipe for the best chocolate cake? Then you've come to the right place. We have developed a recipe for the best chocolate cake in the world that you will ever taste. One of the ingredients that really liven up this cake recipe is the addition of espresso powder in both the chocolate cake and the chocolate frosting. If you haven't tried adding a little espresso when baking with chocolate, you definitely should. Espresso enhances the flavors in a similar way as BAM vanilla paste.

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling starts with chocolate and ends with salted caramel. There is also a creamy cheesecake filling hidden inside the super-juicy chocolate sponge. If you've ever baked a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate filling, we can tell you that this chocolate cake will be just as delicious and have an equally rich chocolate flavor.To create the real chocolate flavor, a "hot liquid" is added to the ingredients, usually coffee. It helps the cocoa powder, from which all the chocolate flavor comes, "bloom" and bring out the chocolate flavor. Speaking of cocoa, make sure you use unsweetened cocoa and not cocoa with added sugar.

Triple chocolate cake with bananas

This triple chocolate cake with banana will delight both those who love bananas and those who prefer other fruits. The three layers of chocolate cake are very flavorful, and while you're eating a cake that tastes like chocolate, neither is the chocolate flavor so intense that you can't taste the bananas in it. Remember, the right balance of ingredients makes a delicious dessert!

Chocolate raspberry cake

Chocolate raspberry cake is perfect for your next celebration. Prepare it and surprise your friends or family with its taste. The chocolate cake is juicy thanks to the raspberries and tastes extra chocolaty thanks to the BAM cocoa powder and BAM dark chocolate drops. To prepare it successfully, you need to follow precisely the instructions and also melt the chocolate properly, because this will bring the chocolate raspberry mousse to a whole new level. The sponge cake batter will be light and fluffy if you sift the cocoa powder, and the chocolate mousse is sure to be a success if you use dark, unsweetened chocolate.

The best chocolate cake

We've heard you've been wanting a killer chocolate cake recipe for a long time. It took a while, but now it's here. Your new favorite recipe for the best chocolate cake. You probably remember the movie Matilda and the scene where the boy is forced to eat a big and delicious chocolate cake. When you eat your first piece of the best chocolate cake from the following recipe, you will quickly feel like the boy in the scene.

No-bake cake pops recipe

Making cake pops just got even more fun! The no-bake cake pops recipe is so easy that even little hands can easily join in. We've added the ever-popular Oreo cookies, cream cheese, some chocolate and lots of colourful decorations. The increasingly popular cakes on sticks or cake pops are suitable for any occasion, and lately they've been overshadowing the classic cake quite a bit at birthday parties. 

Chocolate souffle recipe

Alongside creme brûlée, the chocolate soufflé is one of the most adored luxury French desserts. However, because it seems like a difficult dessert (perhaps because of the name itself), most beginner pastry chefs don't realise that the preparation sounds much more daunting than it actually is.

Creamy chocolate mousse in a glass

A classic chocolate mousse in a glass brings a twist to any classic dinner. Chocolate mousse prepared in glasses looks really elegant, but it's also practical. It can be served in a jar or a glass and ready the day before. Make this creamy, rich and smooth chocolate mousse with BAM dark chocolate for a real bittersweet flavour. 

Chocolate muffins with banana

Soft, cinnamon-spiced chocolate banana muffins are a quick dessert and a chance to use up overripe bananas. You could also use them to make banana bread, but chocolate banana muffins are definitely a quicker version. The basic ingredients are those most commonly used in baking: flour, sugar and milk. If you follow the instructions, you will ensure that your chocolate banana muffins are just the right amount of juicy and not too dry or bland. For the chocolate flavour, we've used BAM dark chocolate, which has the versatility to easily fit into any dessert.

Quick brownies

For these quick brownies, we have used only six main ingredients. As we have prepared the brownies without baking powder, eggs are essential for the brownies to rise really nicely in the oven. We have also added powdered sugar to the recipe, which does the trick for making quick brownies. The powdered sugar contains cornstarch, which helps to thicken the dough. BAM cocoa powder gives the brownies a nice red-brown colour. It needs to be sieved before adding to the ingredients, as this gives it a juicy and fluffy texture as well as flavour. Add oil and BAM vanilla paste to ensure that the ingredients bind together and further enhance the chocolate flavour.

Raspberry chocolate brownies

Do we really need another brownie recipe? Of course, it's the best and quickest dessert. The best part is that you hardly need a mixer and they are made in just one bowl! This time we've added raspberries to the chocolate brownies alongside the dark chocolate. You can add fresh or frozen raspberries, or you can top the brownies with BAM raspberry topping while they're still freshly baked. 

Brownies with chocolate

If you are looking for a recipe for the best "homemade brownies", I can tell you that the search engine will find at least a hundred different recipes.

Salted caramel brownies

How does a recipe for homemade brownies with biscuits, salted caramel topping and a pinch of freshly ground sea salt sound? The sumptuous taste will spoil your taste buds and the preparation itself is not as difficult as it sounds. This time, we won't add the salted caramel topping to the sponge cake itself, but we will top the baked brownies with the creamy texture of the topping. When the brownies are cut into pieces, the topping will spread gently over the edges, giving the brownies a special flavour.

Hungarian traditional cake: Dobosh torte

The cake, nicknamed 'elegant cake' because of its ingredients and preparation, was invented and named in 1884 by the Hungarian confectioner Jozsef C. Dobos. Dobos cake is thus a Hungarian sponge cake with seven layers of thin sponge cake. The layers are filled with a rich chocolate buttercream and the cake is topped with caramel.

Black Forest Cake

The Black Forest Cake or "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" is a cake that originates from Germany. It takes its name from the cherry liqueur added to the filling. It consists of a cocoa sponge cake, a delicious cream and sour cherries.

Pistachio roulade

This recipe for pistachio roulade served with a cup of tea or coffee will surely please everyone who eats it. The pistachio spread contains at least 50% pistachios finely ground into a pistachio paste, which will give the roulade a really rich and creamy taste.

Caramel pie

BAM Gold chocolate impresses with its delicate golden colour. It is actually white chocolate with caramelised sugar added. It has a creamy, silky texture and an intense caramel flavour with hints of butter and cream. It pairs perfectly with other BAM baking products in the caramel pie recipe.

Chocolate banana muffins

Do you too like to start your day with fluffy and juicy chocolate banana muffins? Or finish lunch or dinner with some soft and moist chocolate banana muffins? These chocolate banana muffins are great for breakfast and dessert. They taste wonderful and have a great texture. We have combined the intense taste of chocolate with the sweet taste of banana. This time we also added almond flour for extra flavour.

Ruby chocolate brownies

These chocolate brownies don't need any extra decoration; they are gorgeous on their own. The combination of strawberries and dark chocolate has always been known as the perfect match in a variety of desserts. But when you add ruby chocolate to brownies, with its delicate colour, delicate aroma and just a hint of summer berry flavour, it takes chocolate brownies to the next level. This recipe gives you the perfect balance and a wonderful harmony of flavours.

Chocolate Palmiers with walnuts

Check out the recipe for chocolate palmiers with BAM chocolate and walnuts. BAM Dark Chocolate is a versatile, premium Belgian chocolate with 55.6% cocoa. It is ideal for creams, mousses, ganaches, ice creams, biscuits, cookies and other creamy chocolate textures. The chocolate is formed into smaller droplets, melting the chocolate faster and more evenly.

Mini roulades with crispy honey filling

The little roulades are very simple to make and taste amazing. We have used BAM honey chocolate, which has a very full flavour. For an even richer flavour, we topped the roulades with crunchy BAM caramel crispies, which added a salty touch to the dessert, bringing out the chocolate and cocoa flavours even more.

Hazelnut panna cotta

Here's a recipe for delicious panna cotta with BAM hazelnut spread. The spread contains at least 55% of the excellent roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont, which are famous for the really rich hazelnut flavour that characterises this spread. The spread is based on an excellent recipe which produces a creamy and smooth spread full of flavour.

Chocolate popcorn

Insanely good chocolate popcorn with BAM chocolate is a must try!

Double chocolate muffins

We've prepared an easy recipe for the ultimate double chocolate muffins with BAM vanilla paste. The vanilla paste is alcohol-free and made from real Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract with vanilla seeds added to give your dish an attractive look. A practical pump is added to the bottle for easy dispensing and longer-lasting freshness of the vanilla paste.

Zagreb Cream slice or Kremšnita

We have prepared a recipe for Zagreb cream slice or "kremšnita". The kremšnita is a dessert that tempts everyone. It is made with BAM dark chocolate.

Chocolate cake with lemon cream

We've prepared a recipe for a delicious chocolate cake with lemon cream. The recipe also includes BAM cocoa powder, made from selected cocoa beans of the finest quality.

Coconut cubes with orange

The recipe for the ultimate coconut cubes is really easy to make. We've enriched the stunning coconut cubes with orange, honey and chocolate spread.

Chocolate beetroot cake

Recipe for chocolate beetroot cake. A cake for the biggest chocoholics, where the rich taste of chocolate and the delicate texture of beetroot combine in a winning combination. We have used BAM dark chocolate in this recipe.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cake

How to make a delicious chocolate cake? A light, savoury and delicious cake that you will want to make again and again. We have prepared a recipe for a cake with buckwheat and BAM dark chocolate.

Honey cookies with chocolate

How to make the best chocolate honey cookies? We've come up with a totally easy recipe for gorgeous honey cookies with BAM chocolate!

Coffee-flavoured chocolate mousse

How to make a great coffee-flavoured chocolate mousse? We've put together a great recipe for coffee-flavoured chocolate mousse.

Almond cake with hot milk and coffee

The recipe for almond cake with hot milk and coffee is based on BAM almond flour, which is made from carefully selected, high-quality peeled almonds from Sicily. Being gluten-free, it is an ideal substitute for white flour in many recipes. It is ideal for desserts such as cakes, biscuits, French macaroons, brownies, pancakes and imperial roast.

Flourless chocolate roulade with berries

The BAM collection of chocolate and cocoa pastry products is made up of carefully selected chocolates and cocoa of the finest quality and proven great taste. BAM products are designed to make top-quality desserts that look great and taste exceptional, even at home. The BAM collection also includes the exquisite dark chocolate in drops, which was used in this recipe for a flourless chocolate roulade.

White chocolate cheesecake

BAM White Chocolate is a premium Belgian white chocolate, very versatile for use in the kitchen. It is ideal for moulding, pralines, creams, mousses, ganaches, ice creams, biscuits, cookies, sponge cakes and other creamy chocolate structures. This time we have used BAM white chocolate in a recipe for white chocolate cheesecake.

How to make easy chocolate mousse in minutes

As the name suggests, chocolate mousse, or mousse au chocolat, comes from France, which means chocolate foam in French. It is believed to have been first made by French chocolatiers in the 18th century. Its divine taste was soon recognised across the ocean in America, where one of their newspapers was the first to publish a recipe for it.

Tips and tricks for perfect crinkle cookies

Chocolate crinkle cookies are more than just a dessert; they are a work of art that combines taste and aesthetics. In this article, we'll explore the different techniques and secrets you can use to create the perfect chocolate crinkle cookies that will become the highlight of any festive table or occasion.

Benefits of dark chocolate without added sugar

In this article, we explore the many health benefits of eating dark chocolate, from its impact on the cardiovascular system to the improvement of cognitive function. We also reveal a whole bunch of delicious dark chocolate recipes with no added sugar that will delight all sweet tooths and convince them that even sugar-free chocolate can taste great!

Oatmeal for better digestion

Oatmeal is a nutritionally rich and healthy choice with many health benefits. In this article, we look at how oatmeal can affect our body, energy, digestion and how it can be prepared to taste delicious and meet our protein needs.

Tasty gluten-free food

A gluten-free diet is a dietary approach that excludes gluten - a protein found in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and oats (although oats are gluten-free themselves, they can be contaminated with gluten during the processing process). This diet is essential for people with coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity or gluten allergy.

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countryAlenka V., 29.09.2022
countryTadeja K., 29.09.2022
countryMartina K., 26.09.2022
countryNika M., 23.09.2022
countryMihaela K., 20.09.2022
countryMarjeta M., 13.09.2022
countryMaja V., 12.09.2022
countryAnita L., 09.09.2022
countryAnita L., 09.09.2022
countryIvana V., 07.09.2022
countryTeja S., 06.09.2022
countryDubravka ?., 29.08.2022
countryKlavdi ?., 20.08.2022

“An excellent product for preparing brownies, muffins and other chocolate-rich desserts. And just like that quickly in your mouth... Yami.”

“Odličen izdelek za pripravo browniejev, muffinov in ostalih čokobogatih sladic. Pa tudi kar tako na hitro za v usta... Njami.”

countryBlanka B., 18.08.2022
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countryAlenka S., 17.08.2022
countryAndreja J., 16.08.2022
countryAndreja B., 10.08.2022
countryAlenka Z., 09.08.2022
countryKatja H., 07.08.2022
countryJana ?., 25.07.2022
countryAlenka ?., 25.07.2022
countryMarjeta C., 25.07.2022
countryBarbara O., 19.07.2022
countryTina B., 15.07.2022
countryVeronika J., 03.07.2022
countryMateja R., 24.06.2022
countryUrška ?., 19.06.2022
countryMirjana V., 17.06.2022
countryPetra G., 16.06.2022
countryTanja K., 28.05.2022
countrySpela K., 17.05.2022
countrySergeja H., 10.05.2022
countryUrška ?., 27.04.2022
countryMarija P., 14.04.2022
countryPetra U., 05.04.2022
countryTjaša E., 24.03.2022
countryBarbara G., 06.03.2022
countryAmadea M., 02.03.2022
countryTatjana M., 21.02.2022
countryNeža Marianne K., 13.02.2022
countrySuzana F., 11.02.2022
countryNina F., 05.02.2022
countryKlavdija A., 17.01.2022
countryJana N., 01.01.2022
countryBarbara P., 27.12.2021
countrySaša G., 14.12.2021
countryMelita J., 12.12.2021
countryVesna P., 02.12.2021
countryKatka G., 01.12.2021
countryMarjetica L., 18.11.2021
countryVanda R., 09.11.2021
countryMojca M., 09.11.2021
countryMirjana K., 02.11.2021
countryMateja N., 31.10.2021
countryJanja G., 27.10.2021
countryVeronika ?., 15.10.2021
countryMARJETA K., 14.10.2021
countryUrška P., 07.10.2021
countryStanka ?., 28.09.2021
countryZinka K., 24.09.2021
countrySaška E., 20.09.2021
countryPatricija M., 14.09.2021
countryMateja S., 11.09.2021
countryNevenka K., 07.09.2021
countryBarbara Z., 07.09.2021
countryTanja K., 06.09.2021
countryTATJANA N., 30.08.2021
countryTina M., 20.08.2021
countryMateja Z., 19.08.2021
countrymaja m., 19.08.2021
countrybogdana ?., 15.08.2021
countryKarmen P., 15.08.2021
countryAnja K., 10.08.2021
countryEva L., 04.08.2021
countryPolona Z., 28.07.2021
countryJos K., 24.07.2021
countryEster B., 06.07.2021
countryPatricia ?., 25.06.2021
countryDaša J., 24.06.2021
countryVanesa D., 20.06.2021
countryMARJANCA C., 04.06.2021
countrySimon V., 27.05.2021
countryMarija P., 16.05.2021
countryUrška Z., 20.04.2021
countryLEA J., 15.04.2021
countryBarbara P., 08.04.2021
countryMATEJA M., 23.03.2021
countryPeter K., 22.03.2021
countryAndreja Z., 22.03.2021
countryDaniela V., 11.03.2021
countryTjaša N., 09.03.2021
countryMilena V., 20.02.2021
countryDarinka G., 13.02.2021
countryDANIJELA B., 08.02.2021
countryNeža B., 06.02.2021
countryNataša ?., 25.01.2021
countryMiha K., 25.01.2021
countryMojca Z., 03.01.2021
countryAndreja D., 02.01.2021
countryLjuba P., 17.12.2020
countryNatalija M., 05.12.2020
countrySuzana K., 22.11.2020
countryIrena M., 20.11.2020
countryDoroteja S., 06.11.2020
countrysaša b., 20.10.2020
countryMIHAELA Z., 15.10.2020
countryMitja h., 20.09.2020
countryTATJANA K., 16.09.2020
countryTatjana T., 07.09.2020
countryDolores K., 01.09.2020
countryVanja N., 25.08.2020
countryUršula ?., 01.08.2020
countryInes K., 23.07.2020
countryIrena M., 21.07.2020
countryMatejka S., 13.07.2020
countryNeca K., 11.07.2020
countryMonika I., 08.07.2020
countryŠpela K., 04.07.2020
countryNuša B., 28.06.2020
countryDanica P., 22.06.2020
countryNataša G., 15.06.2020
countrystanka c., 01.06.2020
countryAndreja K., 24.05.2020
countryDoris L., 17.05.2020
countrysara p., 04.05.2020
countryMaruša P., 01.05.2020
countryDamjana B., 13.04.2020
countryJANJA S., 09.04.2020
countryNINA C., 31.03.2020
countryMelita P., 19.03.2020
countryPolona H., 17.03.2020
countryLoreta H., 13.03.2020
countryKatja M., 25.02.2020
countryVesna V., 20.02.2020
countryPia Katarina P., 19.02.2020
countryPetra N., 10.02.2020
countryJANA T., 01.02.2020
countryTamara U., 22.01.2020
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