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french macaron mix 250 g
-20% - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

French Macaron Mix, 250 g

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BAM French Macaron mix will banish every fear that home pastry chefs almost certainly feel before making famous french macarons. The preparation of this delicate dessert can now be simplified with our BAM macaron mix. The mixture creates a pliable dough that can be used to make 20 macarons. The preparation is really simple, as we only need to add water. Prepared macarons are great as part of a decoration or a stand alone dessert, which will most definitely impress even the most demanding tasting buds.

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Origin: Italy

BAM is a top product line created with the vision to bring the premium quality of chocolate and professional baking products closer to domestic confectioners. BAM products are intended for everyone who loves to create with high quality ingredients and sophisticated flavors even behind the home kitchen counter. Become a master of confectionery with us!

BAM Macaron mix (250g) creates a pliable dough, enough for 20 macarons. French macarons will be a perfect decoration for your next cake or a stand alone dessert for your party, as they can be filled with creams of any kind and coloured as desired. The macaron fillings can also be combined with the fruity flavours of BAM toppings or nutty flavours of BAM spreads. Making macarons with BAM Macaron mix is completely easy, as you only need to add water. Prepared macaron shells can also be stored in the freezer and used when needed.

BAM baking products are intended for both, home creators as well as professional confectioners who whish to take their baking creations to a next level.


Sugar, almonds (21%), starch, dehydrated egg white, emulsifiers (E475, E471, E433), thickener: xanthan gum (E415), flavour.

May contain gluten, soy, milk, sulphites and other nuts.

How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature should not exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage. Keep in a tightly closed container.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value1849 kJ / 439 kcal
  • Total fat11,7 g
    Of which saturates 0,07 g
  • Carbohydrates75,5 g
    Of which sugars 64,8 g
  • Fibre3,3 g
  • Protein6,3 g
  • Salt0,01 g

  • Mix Macaron powder (250 g) with room temperature water (50 ml) and beat at high speed for about 5 minutes. You can also add a water-soluble dye (if you have a water-based dye, subtract the weight of dye from the weight of water in recipe).
  • Fill the mixture into a dressing bag and form macarons on a macaron baking mat or on baking paper (approximately 10 g weight per half) . Let rest for 15-20 minutes to form a crust on the surface of the macarons.
  • Bake in the oven at 150 ˚C for about 15-18 minutes. Remove the macarons from baking mat when cooled. The amount of ingredients is suitable for 20 macaroons. Store in the refrigerator.

Choco tip: Fill the macarons with BAM chocolate ganache, BAM topping cream or BAM vanilla cream.

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  • Net weight:250 g
  • Dimensions:22,5 cm x 13 cm x 2,5 cm
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( 77 Ratings)
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countryIvana K., 23.02.2024
countryMaja C., 02.02.2024
countryEmina B., 10.01.2024
countryMartina ?., 23.12.2023

“Mešanico sem kupila za sina, ki se zelo trudi izdelati popolne makrone, vendar so mu z njegovo mešanico uspeli samo prvič. Z vašo mešanico so mu uspeli.”


countryBreda B., 20.12.2023

“Prvič delam makrone ampak s to mešanico je precej lažje Je pa malo predrago ”


countryMartin K., 16.12.2023
countryMARINA M., 15.12.2023
countryNada K., 15.12.2023
countryMarina T., 15.12.2023
countryDaniela T., 12.12.2023
countryLučić B., 08.12.2023
countryMatilda B., 07.12.2023

“Sicer še vedno prisegam na klasično pripravo makronov, a glede na enostavnost priprave odličen rezultat.”


countryEva K., 04.12.2023
countryNikolina J., 23.11.2023
countryMladenka F., 21.10.2023
countryBlaženka D., 22.09.2023
countryAnamarija M., 17.09.2023
country ., 26.07.2023

“Zeeelo super hvala❤️❤️❣️”

“Very cool, thank you ❤️❤️❣️”

countryDarinka K., 20.06.2023
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“Super je ”


countryVlasta D., 15.06.2023
countryVesna B., 19.04.2023
countryIvana S., 19.04.2023
countryCaterina N., 12.04.2023
countryJasenka S., 21.03.2023
countryAlenka ?., 14.03.2023
countryVanesa R., 05.03.2023

“Enostavna priprava in vedno uspejo profesionalni.”

“Easy to prepare and always successful.”

countryNataša K., 15.02.2023
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countrySara V., 20.01.2023
countryMarija S., 18.01.2023
countryIvona L., 10.01.2023
countryĐULIJANA M., 16.12.2022
countryKristina Ana ?., 13.12.2022

“Brez stresa makroni uspeli! ”

“Stress-free macros succeed!”

countryIrena C., 28.11.2022
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countryFilomena K., 26.11.2022
countryDragan D., 24.11.2022
countryDarinka ?., 24.11.2022
countryNina G., 23.11.2022
countryZdenka R., 22.11.2022
countryMarija M., 22.11.2022

“Super !!!”

“Super !!!”

countryJana R., 22.11.2022
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countryRenata P., 19.11.2022

“Okusno, priročno”


countryStanka ?., 18.11.2022
countryIrena J., 18.11.2022

“Že preiskusili in zelo zadovoljni Bom ponovno naročila”

“Already tried and very satisfied I will order again”

countryNataša B., 18.11.2022
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countryAgata B., 16.11.2022

“Zelo enostavno za uporabo”

“Very easy to use”

countryDragan D., 16.11.2022
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countryLidija Z., 16.11.2022
countryALENA V., 16.11.2022
countryADELA S., 16.11.2022
countryJelena S., 15.11.2022
countryJelena S., 15.11.2022



countryVesna U., 15.11.2022
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countryVesna U., 15.11.2022
countryNatalija P., 15.11.2022
countryMarta ?., 15.11.2022
countryKarmen B., 10.11.2022
countryGordana B., 03.11.2022
countryNeja Z., 11.10.2022
countryEva B., 11.10.2022
countryIvana Z., 06.10.2022
countryGordana C., 04.10.2022
countryBISERKA G., 30.09.2022
countryNataša C., 30.09.2022
countryAlenka V., 29.09.2022
countryHani O., 27.09.2022
countryMilka S., 27.09.2022
countryJožica S., 27.09.2022
countryTjaša P., 14.09.2022
countryDora K., 14.09.2022
countryAnita L., 09.09.2022
countryAnita L., 09.09.2022
countryDubravka ?., 29.08.2022
countryMaja S., 25.08.2022
countryNADA T., 24.08.2022



countryMilena S., 28.06.2022

“Čudovito. Končno mi je uspelo, da imajo moji makroni nogico. Priporočam izdelek vsem, ki obožujejo makrone. Lp Suzana”


countrySuzana J., 15.04.2022



countryAnja ?., 12.04.2022

“Odlično ”


countryUrška H., 03.12.2020
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