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hazelnut spread 200 g - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Hazelnut Spread, 200 g

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BAM Hazelnut spread is perfect for all lovers of hazelnut spreads with an authentic hazelnut flavor. It contains at least 55% of the excellent roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont, which are known for the really rich hazelnut flavor that characterizes this spread. The spread is made according to an excellent recipe that creates a creamy and smooth spread of full flavor. An unforgettable sweet experience! The spread does not contain palm oil and is gluten-free. It is ideal for preparing top-quality desserts, and is also perfect for filling croissants, pies and other pastries. It is also great as an addition to ice cream, spread on pancakes and bread, and you can also make a great mousse from it.

Palm oil free

Premium quality

At least 55 % hazelnuts

Origin: Italy

Spreads for all sweet tooth lovers of chocolate and hazelnut. With their excellent taste they will certainly not leave you indifferent. The spreads are made according to an excellent recipe, which creates an extremely creamy and smooth texture and a genuine taste of roasted hazelnuts.

Hazelnut spread (200 g) contains at least 55% roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont. Just the right combination of hazelnuts, creamy milk and cane sugar creates an excellent and delicious hazelnut spread that can quickly become part of our daily menu. The spread does not contain palm oil and is gluten free.The spread can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, at any part of the day! It goes well with pancakes, fruit, pastries or simply a piece of bread. You can also use it in baking for preparing different desserts.

The possibilities are endless, let your imagination and taste run free!

Roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont (PGI, 55 % hazelnuts), sugar, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin.
How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature should not exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2354 kJ / 566 kcal
  • Total fat39 g
    Of which saturates 6,2 g
  • Carbohydrates40 g
    Of which sugars 38 g
  • Fibre5,5 g
  • Protein11 g
  • Salt0,23 g

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  • Available payment COD (Cash on delivery) - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

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Creamy Hazelnut cake

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Hazelnut panna cotta

Here's a recipe for delicious panna cotta with BAM hazelnut spread. The spread contains at least 55% of the excellent roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont, which are famous for the really rich hazelnut flavour that characterises this spread. The spread is based on an excellent recipe which produces a creamy and smooth spread full of flavour.

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“Excellent spread!”

“Odličan namaz!”

countryJasenka S., 11.04.2024
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countryĐurđica B., 05.04.2024

“Super ”

“Super ”

countryIrena P., 28.03.2024
Show original

“I added some of the hazelnut spread to the sponge cake. The kids came for more:).”

“Nekaj namaza sem dodala k lešnikovem biskvitu za torto. Otroci so hodili po repete:).”

countryMilanka M., 21.03.2024
Show original
countryKristina H., 15.02.2024
countryKristina H., 13.02.2024
countryAndreja L., 24.01.2024
countryKatja B., 17.01.2024
countryErika V., 05.01.2024

“Like kinder bueno cream!”

“Kot kinder bueno krema!”

countryMARISA N., 04.01.2024
Show original
countryNada M., 03.01.2024
countryJosipa J., 15.12.2023
countrymatejka s., 13.12.2023
countryNicole P., 06.12.2023
countryDANJELA J., 04.12.2023
countryMarta P., 30.11.2023
countryKarmela T., 29.11.2023
countryDenis S., 24.11.2023
countrySimona Z., 23.11.2023
countryMateja J., 23.11.2023
countryVLASTA K., 23.11.2023
countryLucija G., 23.11.2023
countryTanja I., 23.11.2023
countryMarijana M., 23.11.2023
countryDoris T., 07.11.2023
countryZdenka M., 27.10.2023
countryJasenka S., 23.10.2023
countryJozica H., 21.10.2023
countryAmadea Z., 21.10.2023
countryJerneja B., 21.10.2023
countryJasmina P., 21.10.2023
countryMartina K., 21.10.2023
countryMartina S., 21.10.2023
countryKepa I., 05.09.2023
countryAna P., 01.09.2023
countryJanja K., 29.08.2023

“Great spread.”

“Super namaz.”

countryKatja J., 29.08.2023
Show original
countrySimona Z., 27.07.2023
countryDamjana P., 05.07.2023

“The hazelnut spread is excellent. ”

“Lešnikov namaz je odličen. ”

countryDamjana P., 05.07.2023
Show original
countryMartina J., 30.06.2023
countryMartina J., 30.06.2023

“The best, beautifully spread and with excellent taste”

Najboljsi namaz, lepo mazljov in odlicnega okusa”

countryErika M., 28.06.2023
Show original
countryVlasta D., 15.06.2023
country ., 10.05.2023
countryTina P., 10.05.2023
countryJasenka S., 21.03.2023
country ., 17.03.2023
countryLucija K., 14.03.2023
countryJasmina P., 11.03.2023
countryJasmina P., 27.02.2023
countryNina H., 22.02.2023
countryTena V., 21.02.2023
countryNina A., 14.02.2023
countryĐurđica B., 11.02.2023
countryErika V., 10.02.2023
countryGORDANA B., 10.02.2023
countryDubravka R., 07.02.2023
countryUrška O., 03.02.2023

“The hazelnut spread is some of the best I have bought. I rate it 10 stars, not just 5.”

“Lešnikov namaz je nekaj najboljšega kar sem kupil. Ocenim z 10 ne samo 5 zvezdic. ”

countryTimon R., 03.02.2023
Show original
countrySanja P., 31.01.2023

“A real hazelnut fantasy! Better than Nutella :)”

“Prava lešnik fantazija! Boljsi od Nutelle :) ”

countryKatja S., 31.01.2023
Show original
countryANA-MARIJA J., 27.01.2023

“Very good for pancakes and for spreading on warm toast”

“Zelo dober za palacinke in za mazanje na topel toast”

countryNada U., 19.01.2023
Show original
countryIvana B., 18.01.2023
countryKatarina V., 13.01.2023
countryMartina H., 12.01.2023

“The best spread I've ever had.”

“Najboljši namaz, kar sem jih kdaj jedla. ”

countryJasmina A., 12.01.2023
Show original

“Excellent! A real breakfast treat.”

“Odlično! Prava dobrota za zajtrk.”

countryBranko F., 11.01.2023
Show original



countryDanijela B., 08.01.2023
Show original
countryTanja K., 03.01.2023
countryGREGORIČ K., 31.12.2022

“Top of the top..worth every penny 👍”

“Top of the top..vreden vsakega centa 👍”

countryKatja B., 29.12.2022
Show original
countryDijana E., 28.12.2022
countryMateja K., 27.12.2022



countryBreda P., 25.12.2022
Show original
countryBoštjan P., 23.12.2022
countryKorina M., 23.12.2022
countryLidija C., 22.12.2022
countryAlenka Z., 20.12.2022

“Very good spread, if possible, I would reduce the sugar a little for my taste, because at the first moment I feel sugar in my mouth, not hazelnuts. But I repeat, very good!”

“Zelo dober namaz, če je mogoče, bi za moj okus, nekoliko zmanjšala količino sladkorja, ker v prvem trenutku v ustih čutim sladkor in ne lešnikov. Vendar ponavljam, zelo dober!”

countryMirjana D., 16.12.2022
Show original
countryDominik V., 15.12.2022

“Very good”

“Zelo dober”

countryAlena M., 15.12.2022
Show original
countryBiljana T., 12.12.2022
countryIvana I., 12.12.2022
countryVesna J., 09.12.2022

“I have used hazelnut spread before, and I like it very much.”

“Lešnikov namaz sem že uporabila, in mi je zelo všeč. ”

countryDamjana P., 08.12.2022
Show original
countryTadeja ?., 06.12.2022
countryMarija Magdalena V., 06.12.2022
countryTjaša O., 05.12.2022

“Superb! The products arrived the very next day!”

“Vrhunski! Izdelki so prispeli že takoj naslednji dan!”

countryAna V., 03.12.2022
Show original
countrydamjana k., 01.12.2022
countryPatricija B., 30.11.2022

“Great! :)”

“Odlično! :) ”

countryAnja P., 30.11.2022
Show original
countryNika B., 27.11.2022
countryPohlin M., 24.11.2022
countryDarinka ?., 24.11.2022
countryMateja T., 23.11.2022
countryKatja ?., 23.11.2022
countryLiza D., 22.11.2022

“Very good.”

“Zelo dober, lepo mazljiv. ”

countryNataša B., 19.11.2022
Show original
countryVesna B., 18.11.2022
countrySandra V., 18.11.2022
countryIrena K., 18.11.2022
countryKarin O., 13.11.2022
countrySaša A., 12.11.2022
countryEma R., 09.11.2022

“The same taste as Kinder Bueno 🥰”

“Isti okus kot Kinder Bueno 🥰”

countrySara T., 08.11.2022
Show original

“Top product, the ratio of quality, money and service is perfect.”

“Vrhunski proizvod, omjer kvalitete, novca i usluge savršen je.”

countryAlena B., 07.11.2022
Show original
countryAlena B., 07.11.2022
countryMojca P., 05.11.2022
countryBojan T., 05.11.2022

“Very good”

“Zelo dober”

countryNada ?., 04.11.2022
Show original
countryNada ?., 04.11.2022
countryBarbara K., 03.11.2022
countryMohar S., 03.11.2022
countryAntonija K., 03.11.2022
countryUrška J., 02.11.2022
countryUrška J., 02.11.2022
countryTANJA B., 02.11.2022
countryUrška Z., 30.10.2022
countryMeta V., 30.10.2022
countryGregor I., 28.10.2022
countryRomana ?., 28.10.2022
countryŠpela G., 27.10.2022
countryMaja P., 27.10.2022
countrySabina B., 26.10.2022
countryPetra O., 25.10.2022
countryIvana D., 25.10.2022
countryTina M., 25.10.2022
countryDanijela ?., 25.10.2022
countryNika S., 21.10.2022
countryAnkica J., 21.10.2022
countryGORDANA P., 19.10.2022
countryGorana B., 18.10.2022
countryUrsa D., 18.10.2022
countryTamara R., 18.10.2022
countryVesna J., 18.10.2022
countryUrska F., 18.10.2022
countryMarina P., 14.10.2022
countryAnja S., 14.10.2022
countryŠpela D., 12.10.2022
countrySaša D., 12.10.2022
countryPolona Z., 10.10.2022
countryMarija G., 10.10.2022
countryĐurđica B., 06.10.2022
countryJasmina Z., 06.10.2022
countryStaša P., 05.10.2022
countryDanijela B., 04.10.2022
countryMartina ?., 04.10.2022
countryNatasa S., 01.10.2022
countryGABI B., 27.09.2022
countryAna Marija M., 26.09.2022
countryLidija L., 22.09.2022
countryLidija L., 22.09.2022
countryŠpela P., 15.09.2022
countryTina F., 14.09.2022
countryKatarina M., 14.09.2022
countryPetra M., 13.09.2022
countrySpela K., 09.09.2022
countryIvana V., 07.09.2022
countryTina H., 07.09.2022
countryMatea P., 02.09.2022
countryBiljana P., 02.09.2022
countryDoroteja K., 29.08.2022
countryTamara P., 29.08.2022
countryTamara P., 29.08.2022
countryMilena K., 26.08.2022
countryTina M., 26.08.2022
countryMinka P., 25.08.2022
countryBarbara K., 24.08.2022
countryMaja S., 22.08.2022

“The best spread ever!!!!”

“Najboljsi namaz ever !!!! ”

countryIrena Z., 20.08.2022
Show original
countryKatja Z., 19.08.2022
countryMateja B., 18.08.2022
countryTanja K., 18.08.2022
countryTJAŠA M., 17.08.2022
countryNatasa R., 16.08.2022
countrymatejka s., 16.08.2022
countryĐURĐICA B., 14.08.2022
countryJasenka S., 12.08.2022
countryJasenka S., 12.08.2022
countryMojca U., 09.08.2022
countryMateja K., 08.08.2022
countryPetra D., 04.08.2022
countryAndreja D., 29.07.2022
countrySergeja H., 26.07.2022
countryLaura C., 24.07.2022
countryMelita ?., 16.07.2022
countryMOJCA B., 16.07.2022
countryAjda M., 12.07.2022
countryTjaša ?., 11.07.2022
countryVesna P., 11.07.2022
countryŠpela ?., 09.07.2022
countryMOJCA D., 01.07.2022
countryTina J., 27.06.2022
countryPatricija M., 27.06.2022
countryNataša V., 25.06.2022
countryJernej V., 23.06.2022
countryKarmen P., 22.06.2022
countrySanela S., 14.06.2022
countryLea ?., 14.06.2022
countryNina ?., 11.06.2022
countryMirjana B., 04.06.2022
countryNeža M., 02.06.2022
countryMetka P., 01.06.2022
countryVeronika M., 31.05.2022
countryIrena M., 30.05.2022
countryRomana F., 27.05.2022
countryanja p., 22.05.2022
countryAnita ?., 20.05.2022
countryKarolina L., 20.05.2022
countryLara P., 15.05.2022
countryMateja G., 14.05.2022
countryTanja G., 14.05.2022
countryMaja K., 13.05.2022
countryMateja R., 12.05.2022
countryJana G., 09.05.2022
countryANJA M., 08.05.2022
countryEva B., 02.05.2022
countryEva L., 29.04.2022
countrySandra B., 24.04.2022
countryJožica P., 21.04.2022
countrySimona O., 18.04.2022
countryMojca ?., 14.04.2022
countryJasmina K., 12.04.2022
countryMojca P., 11.04.2022
countryKatja G., 10.04.2022
countryMojca I., 10.04.2022
countryALMA T., 09.04.2022
countryBarbara P., 07.04.2022
countryAnamarija O., 03.04.2022
countryViktor K., 28.03.2022
countryLILIJANA V., 17.03.2022
countryTadeja K., 14.03.2022
countryAnja J., 12.03.2022
countryDavid ?., 12.03.2022
countryMartina V., 10.03.2022
countryJANA T., 08.03.2022
countryMonika S., 08.03.2022
countryVesna B., 07.03.2022
countryLea C., 05.03.2022
countryAnita L., 01.03.2022
countryDaša ?., 28.02.2022
countrykatja v., 27.02.2022
countryMaja R., 26.02.2022
countrybernarda a., 13.02.2022
countrySaska K., 12.02.2022
countryPetra P., 07.02.2022
countryStefanija K., 03.02.2022
countryJožica H., 03.02.2022
countrySimona T., 31.01.2022
countrySabina ?., 28.01.2022
countryNina S., 26.01.2022
countryBarbka P., 23.01.2022
countryZlatka K., 20.01.2022
countryMateja L., 15.01.2022
countryUrška I., 13.01.2022
countrymetka g., 11.01.2022
countryTeja B., 10.01.2022
countryTadeja M., 07.01.2022
countryNuša M., 05.01.2022
countryMetka B., 04.01.2022
countryŠpela S., 03.01.2022
countryKatarina L., 02.01.2022
countryAnja K., 01.01.2022
countryAnja S., 27.12.2021
countryAndraž O., 25.12.2021
countryUrša P., 23.12.2021
countryKarmen K., 21.12.2021
countryMarinka P., 18.12.2021
countryDARJA M., 16.12.2021
countryVesna H., 13.12.2021
countrySimona R., 12.12.2021
countryKlara ?., 01.12.2021
countrySANDRA J., 24.11.2021
countryVesna K., 11.11.2021
countryMojca M., 25.10.2021
countryKristina K., 19.10.2021
countryMateja O., 19.10.2021
countryGregor ?., 17.10.2021
countryNina B., 16.10.2021
countryTina K., 11.10.2021
countrySanja f., 03.10.2021
countryGreta D., 23.09.2021
countryPetra P., 18.09.2021
countryPetra P., 18.09.2021
countrySabrina A., 18.09.2021
countryMetoda O., 12.09.2021
countryAna ?., 10.09.2021
countryLea M., 07.09.2021
countryMari L., 02.09.2021
countryInes R., 20.08.2021
countryMarinka L., 19.08.2021
countryBreda P., 17.08.2021
countryKarlo K., 16.08.2021
countryAna B., 10.08.2021
countryKarmen D., 28.07.2021
countryMagda ?., 28.07.2021
countryTeja K., 15.07.2021
countryPavel O., 15.07.2021
countryKlavdija L., 13.07.2021
countryMateja S., 02.07.2021
countryAleš K., 01.07.2021
countryNadja K., 16.06.2021
countryTanja M., 08.06.2021
countryTina B., 07.06.2021
countryMojca G., 06.06.2021
countryAmanda K., 29.05.2021
countryMonika T., 25.05.2021
countryMartina F., 23.05.2021
countryMojca A., 14.05.2021
countryTina R., 12.05.2021
countryTanja M., 29.04.2021
countryMateja N., 24.04.2021
countryMaja R., 21.04.2021
countryNives ?., 20.04.2021
countryNika F., 10.04.2021
countryPetra R., 08.04.2021
countryUrška B., 31.03.2021
countrySara Z., 30.03.2021
countryPetra P., 28.03.2021
countryAndraž G., 26.03.2021
countryDJ KLEMEN ?., 23.03.2021
countryGal M., 21.03.2021
countryTeja ?., 21.03.2021
countryNika G., 18.03.2021
countryJožica M., 17.03.2021
countryEva G., 14.03.2021
countryTjaša ?., 05.03.2021
countryMatjaž M., 26.02.2021
countrytina ?., 26.02.2021
countryAnja S., 26.02.2021
countryTina ?., 21.02.2021
countrySuzana K., 19.02.2021
countryMetka V., 17.02.2021
countryLILJANA B., 20.01.2021
countryMarjetka P., 14.01.2021
countryKarmen B., 13.01.2021
countryBarbara B., 05.01.2021
countryEstera L., 04.01.2021
countryMateja ?., 03.01.2021
countryNika G., 31.12.2020
countryNejka V., 30.12.2020
countryVita B., 28.12.2020
countryNika T., 27.12.2020
countryPolona P., 25.12.2020
countryLory V., 21.12.2020
countrySergija ?., 10.12.2020
countryšpela s., 07.12.2020
countryROSANDA T., 06.12.2020
countryMarija G., 03.12.2020
countryMarina G., 26.11.2020
countryRosana ?., 26.11.2020
countryPetra A., 25.11.2020
countryDanijela S., 20.11.2020
countryVesna N., 15.11.2020
countryCvetka H., 11.11.2020
countryBogdana G., 11.11.2020
countryMatjaz P., 06.11.2020
countrySara ?., 31.10.2020
countryTanja M., 26.10.2020
countryMojca N., 23.10.2020
countryDoris L., 22.10.2020
countryKarmen M., 20.10.2020
countryMarta K., 12.10.2020
countryDarja P., 10.10.2020
countryAlmedina Z., 04.10.2020
countryTanja C., 25.09.2020
countryAna M., 23.09.2020
countrySIMONA S., 22.09.2020
countryKristina R., 21.09.2020
countryJasmina M., 18.09.2020
countryZala K., 16.09.2020
countryDolores L., 14.09.2020
countryŠpela F., 13.09.2020
countryLucija G., 10.09.2020
countryBarbara L., 10.09.2020
countryAnita P., 10.09.2020
countryUrska H., 25.08.2020
countryUrška K., 21.08.2020
countryIndira C., 20.08.2020
countrySAVA B., 19.08.2020
countryJerneja B., 14.08.2020
countrystanka c., 13.08.2020
countryMinela V., 04.08.2020
countryAleksandra K., 31.07.2020
countryBarbara K., 31.07.2020
countryRasema H., 28.07.2020
countryVanja D., 25.07.2020
countrySanja L., 25.07.2020
countryPetra ?., 23.07.2020
countryNika L., 22.07.2020
countryMateja R., 11.07.2020
countryNina D., 11.07.2020
countryMonika P., 04.07.2020
countryIrena S., 02.07.2020
countrySimona R., 02.07.2020
countryNina G., 30.06.2020
countryMarina S., 29.06.2020
countryBernarda O., 27.06.2020
countryKatja M., 24.06.2020
countryTamara P., 23.06.2020
countryMelita P., 22.06.2020
countryMihaela ?., 19.06.2020
countryKatarina N., 16.06.2020
countryRenata S., 15.06.2020
countryEva K., 14.06.2020
countryMaja S., 13.06.2020
countryRenata M., 12.06.2020
countryUrška L., 10.06.2020
countryRenata V., 03.06.2020
countryDusan M., 03.06.2020
countryŠpela R., 02.06.2020
countryMarija B., 02.06.2020
countrypetra n., 31.05.2020
countryBoštjan Z., 28.05.2020
countryMartina V., 22.05.2020
countryNina K., 17.05.2020
countryJelka J., 09.05.2020
countryKarmen D., 03.05.2020
countryBarbara H., 26.04.2020
countryNina B., 26.04.2020
countryVesna D., 25.04.2020
countryInes J., 22.04.2020
countryUrša T., 21.04.2020
countryHelena B., 19.04.2020
countrymateja ?., 11.04.2020
countryVesna P., 08.04.2020
countryNina S., 06.04.2020
countryAna R., 31.03.2020
countryAnja R., 23.03.2020
countryMarinka S., 21.03.2020
countryMateja C., 19.03.2020
countryTatjana B., 19.03.2020
countryJoži L., 13.03.2020
countryJana P., 09.03.2020
countryVesna P., 01.03.2020
countryMojca K., 29.02.2020
countryAnže M., 27.02.2020
countryTANJA B., 09.02.2020
countryTatjana K., 30.01.2020
countryAlenka L., 26.01.2020
countryNina S., 25.01.2020
countryPetra P., 20.01.2020
countryTjaša R., 19.01.2020
countryAnja L., 18.01.2020
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