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premium cocoa spread 200 g - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

PREMIUM Cocoa Spread, 200 g

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PREMIUM cocoa spread will impress hazelnut lovers. Divine taste and incredibly creamy texture, the spread contains at least 50% hazelnuts. The cocoa spread is vegan, free of palm fat, GMOs and their derivatives. It goes great with pancakes, or when preparing confectionery (eg as an addition to cake cream).

Palm oil free

Suitable for vegans

At least 50 % hazelnuts

Origin: Italy

Spreads for all sweet tooth lovers of chocolate and hazelnut. With their excellent taste they will certainly not leave you indifferent. The spreads are made according to an excellent recipe, which creates an extremely creamy and smooth texture and a genuine taste of roasted hazelnuts.

PREMIUM cocoa spread (200 g) in addition to real cocoa powder contains at least 50% hazelnuts, so it has a very rich chocolate-hazelnut flavor. The product is vegan, suitable for everyone who does not eat animal products, as well as for everyone else who likes a rich combination of chocolate and hazelnuts. It is free of added fats as it contains only naturally occurring fats found in hazelnuts. It also does not contain GMOs and their derivatives.The vegan hazelnut cocoa spread is packed in a nice glass jar. It can be used in the preparation of various creams for cakes or slices and muffins, it is excellent as a spread on pancakes or on a piece of bread.

The possibilities are endless, let your imagination and taste run free!


Hazelnut paste (50 %), cane sugar, low-fat cocoa (4,5 %), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

May contain traces of soy, milk, almond, pistachio, walnut, pecan nut, Queensland nut, Cashew nut or sesame.

How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature should not exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value2372 kJ / 567 kcal
  • Total fat37,5 g
    Of which saturates 2,5 g
  • Carbohydrates47,5 g
    Of which sugars 44 g
  • Fibre0 g
  • Protein10 g
  • Salt0 g

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  • Net weight:200 g
  • Dimensions:8,1 cm x 7,2 cm
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  • Available payment COD (Cash on delivery) - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

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countrySimona K., 05.02.2024
countryDalija M., 18.01.2024
countryPetra F., 03.11.2023
countryPatricija D., 30.10.2023
countryJasenka S., 23.10.2023
countryDiana J., 12.09.2023
countryJanja K., 29.08.2023
countryAntonija K., 11.07.2023

“A creamy, sweet (but not too sweet) spread that's great for baking and can be eaten by the spoonful. :)”

“Kremen, sladek (a ne preveč) namaz, ki se odlično obnese za peko, jemo pa ga tudi na žlico. :)”

countryEva K., 21.03.2023
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countryAndrea-Eva M., 03.02.2023
countryAndreja B., 17.01.2023
countryAjda K., 31.12.2022
countryMarjetka P., 27.12.2022
countryOlga K., 26.12.2022

“Good spread, only the occasional crystals in the otherwise very smooth texture bother me”

“Dober namaz, motijo me le občasni kristalčki v sicer zelo gladki strukturi ”

countryLara V., 11.12.2022
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countryNina B., 10.12.2022
countryTanja K., 10.12.2022



countryPolona V., 30.11.2022
Show original
countryVera M., 29.11.2022
countryDarja S., 27.11.2022
countryRomea A., 19.11.2022
countryKristina R., 15.11.2022
countryAlena B., 07.11.2022
countryAlena B., 07.11.2022
countryKatarina J., 04.11.2022
countryVioleta K., 25.10.2022
countryTeja A., 24.10.2022
countryInes K., 13.10.2022
countryMarina P., 11.10.2022
countryMarina P., 11.10.2022
countryŽiva K., 08.10.2022
countryTanja ?., 08.10.2022
countryKošir T., 28.09.2022
countryKošir T., 28.09.2022
countryPetra T., 21.09.2022
countryPetra T., 21.09.2022
countryIda G., 09.09.2022
countryIrena S., 09.09.2022
countryVeronika ?., 07.09.2022
countryTamara P., 29.08.2022
countryTamara P., 29.08.2022
countryŠpela S., 26.08.2022
countryLucija G., 17.08.2022
countryPatricija M., 17.08.2022
countryMeta Z., 14.08.2022
countryJelka T., 19.07.2022
country, 18.07.2022
countrySergeja H., 17.07.2022
countrymaja m., 13.07.2022
countryMaša K., 11.07.2022
countryMetka A., 27.06.2022
countryTjaša ?., 27.06.2022
countryAndreja T., 26.06.2022
countryIrena M., 19.06.2022
countryTeja P., 03.06.2022
countryTine K., 23.05.2022
countryIrena M., 22.05.2022
countryTina G., 17.05.2022
countryMatejka S., 12.05.2022
countryMojca C., 05.05.2022
countryMARIJA A., 21.04.2022
countryKlavdija S., 08.04.2022
countryMojca H., 30.03.2022
countryMAJA M., 28.03.2022
countryMateja ?., 09.03.2022
countryAlenka P., 02.03.2022
countryTerezija Cvetka G., 26.02.2022
countryNataša G., 23.02.2022
countryRosana ?., 14.02.2022
countryMarija M., 31.01.2022
countryAlenka K., 12.01.2022
countrySpela K., 01.01.2022
countryANDREJA P., 07.12.2021
countryDaniela V., 07.12.2021
countryVanja H., 22.11.2021
countryJernej V., 20.11.2021
countryZorica U., 16.11.2021
countryVesna ., 11.11.2021
countryAmadea M., 02.11.2021
countryAnita V., 17.10.2021
countryMOJCA ?., 11.10.2021
countrySergeja T., 04.10.2021
countryMeta C., 04.10.2021
countryMatjaž M., 30.09.2021
countryKarmen J., 22.09.2021
countryMaja B., 21.09.2021
countryHelena K., 18.09.2021
countryDarja S., 01.09.2021
countrymetka g., 30.08.2021
countryMojca G., 30.08.2021
countryPolona P., 26.08.2021
countryAnita L., 12.08.2021
countryKlavdi ?., 10.08.2021
countryNataša ?., 02.08.2021
countrysandra s., 26.07.2021
countryJelka L., 14.07.2021
countryAMANDA M., 10.07.2021
countryKristina V., 07.07.2021
countryKatja G., 03.07.2021
countryMarjeta K., 28.06.2021
countryDusan M., 16.06.2021
countryMateja L., 13.06.2021
countryMonika S., 21.05.2021
countryTina R., 16.05.2021
countryKarmen K., 04.04.2021
countryMartina H., 01.04.2021
countryUrška L., 20.03.2021
countryAleš R., 14.03.2021
countryMelita P., 24.02.2021
countryAna B., 13.02.2021
countryPatricija M., 26.01.2021
countryKATJA R., 09.01.2021
countrySlavka P., 08.01.2021
countryAnja P., 18.12.2020
countryTanja G., 08.12.2020
countryTina M., 27.11.2020
countryStanka C., 18.11.2020
countryRomana K., 03.11.2020
countryJanja G., 27.10.2020
countryBojan T., 26.10.2020
countrySvetlana M., 26.10.2020
countryTanja M., 22.10.2020
countryJasmina M., 12.10.2020
countryTamara M., 17.09.2020
countryBeti M., 30.07.2020
countryLucija M., 28.07.2020
countryAna Marija M., 27.07.2020
countryLucija V., 09.07.2020
countryEvelyn K., 23.05.2020
countryNina B., 23.05.2020
countrySrečka ?., 17.05.2020
countryDominika S., 16.05.2020
countryTomaž C., 14.05.2020
countryAndreja B., 05.05.2020
countryHelena B., 01.05.2020
countryUrša R., 29.04.2020

“Overwhelmed by the good taste. It really is a huge amount of hazelnut. As I am lactose intolerant, I only buy this chocolate spread from now on.”

“Presenecena nad dobrim okusom. Res je cutiti ogromno lesnikov. Glede na to, da imam laktozno intoleranco, od sedaj naprej kupujem samo se ta cokoladi namaz. ”

countryNives ?., 21.03.2020
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countryAnja S., 07.03.2020
countryBiljana V., 18.02.2020
countryPetra D., 08.02.2020
countrytina ?., 02.02.2020
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