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strawberry topping 200 g - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Strawberry Topping, 200 g

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BAM Strawberry topping is a fruit puree that contains at least 70% of sweetest strawberries. BAM Strawberry topping is perfect as a topping for pancakes, plain yoghurt or as a topping for fluffy waffles. It will impress you in the recipes for refreshing drinks, such as lemonades, strawberry milkshake or even cocktails. Refreshing taste and a pleasant aroma pair perfectly with your next cheesecake Combine it with BAM Dark chocolate and you will get the best and smoothest chocolate cake with strawberries. The product is gluten-free.

Reusable packaging

Premium quality

At least 70% strawberries

Origin: Slovenia

BAM is a top product line created with the vision to bring the premium quality of chocolate and professional baking products closer to domestic confectioners. BAM products are intended for everyone who loves to create with high quality ingredients and sophisticated flavors even behind the home kitchen counter. Become a master of confectionery with us!

BAM Strawberry topping is (200 g) a fruit puree made from at least 70% of strawberries. The delightful and refreshing taste of strawberries is perfect for a summer lemonade or a simple strawberry milkshake. With its distinct strawberry taste, you can enrich the taste of plain yogurt, ice cream or freshly baked pancakes. BAM Strawberry topping is also perfect as a filling in chocolate cakes or as a topping to your next cheesecake with its vibrant red colour. Add it to a smoothie or oatmeal, make chocolate muffins and do not forget to add a spoon to your next panna cotta.

BAM baking products are intended for both, home creators as well as professional confectioners who whish to take their baking creations to a next level.

Strawberry (55 %), sugar, strawberry juice (15 %) from concentrated strawberry juice, water, modified corn starch (E 1442), acidity regulator: citric acid, concentrated black root juice, natural flavor, preservative (E 202).
How to store
Store at temperature between 15-20°C in a dry and dark place. Room temperature should not exceed 25°C. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Once open, store in the refrigerator (closed with a lid) and use as soon as possible.
Average nutritional values per 100g
  • Energy value543 kJ /128 kcal
  • Total fat< 0,5 g
    Of which saturates 0 g
  • Carbohydrates29 g
    Of which sugars 28 g
  • Fibre0 g
  • Protein0,5 g
  • Salt0,0 g
  • 100% safe purchase
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free & fast delivery
  • Available payment COD (Cash on delivery) - The sweetest online shop for high quality baking products. BAM products are for everyone who loves to create with high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours, even in their own home kitchen.

Healthy strawberry muffins with chia seeds

Make healthy and delicious strawberry muffins with chia seeds with this easy recipe!

Panna Cotta with BAM Strawberry Topping

Panna Cotta with Vanilla and BAM Strawberry Topping is the perfect dessert that you can impress with at any time of the year. Panna cotta with strawberry topping is very easy to prepare and can be prepared in advance.

Strawberry milkshake

Many people think that a sweet and refreshing strawberry milkshake is the perfect drink only for summer. However, this is not entirely true. Strawberry milkshakes can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast drink, an invigorating snack or even a light dessert.

Vanilla strawberry cake

You certainly can't go wrong with a cake dominated by a combination of vanilla and strawberry flavors. Here is a recipe for a delicious and light vanilla cake, which consists of two layers of vanilla sponge cake, a wonderful vanilla filling and a sweet strawberry filling.

Simple cheesecake with strawberries

This easy cheesecake is a strawberry cake that combines a super creamy strawberry filling, cheesecake cream and a crunchy, salty-sweet cookie base. The filling for this easy cheesecake is made with cream cheese and fresh strawberries. To get an intense fruit flavor, first mash the strawberries and then slice them. This is an extra step, but it's definitely worth it. Is this a recipe for strawberry cheesecake? Is this a recipe for strawberry shortcake? It's both in one!

Pavlova cake

What is the famous "Pavlova cake"? Pavlova is a dessert popular in New Zealand and Australia, and increasingly popular here. From the ingredients themselves, it sounds perfectly simple to prepare, as Pavlova cake is made from egg whites that are slowly baked in a relatively cold oven. A Pavlova cake is a cake where the egg whites produce a chewy-crunchy texture on the top, a soft texture is waiting inside and the edges should be crispy-crunchy. That's three completely different textures in one bite.

Tasty gluten-free food

A gluten-free diet is a dietary approach that excludes gluten - a protein found in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and oats (although oats are gluten-free themselves, they can be contaminated with gluten during the processing process). This diet is essential for people with coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity or gluten allergy.

The best banana bread recipe, storage and more

Banana bread is a delicacy whose popularity knows no geographical or cultural boundaries! It has a nice, juicy taste and is a great idea for using up the (over)ripe bananas we have lying around in the kitchen. Why throw them away when you can make a delicious warm banana bread that will go perfectly with a hot cup of morning coffee or afternoon tea?In this article, we''ll tell you how to make the best banana bread that will bring a fragrant homeliness to your day - straight from the oven.

Cheesecake is an easy dessert that will impress you

Cheesecake is a quick dessert that allows for a great deal of creativity when creating creamy fillings. We assure you that there are precisely as many cheesecake recipes as there are ideas for different fillings and flavor combinations! So the range is endless; you only need a few essential ingredients and a lot of creativity.

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“I am very satisfied with the product. ”

“Zelo sem zadovoljna. ”

country ., 10.05.2023
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countryJasmina P., 11.03.2023
countryVanesa R., 05.03.2023
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“Great, strong strawberry flavour”

“Super,močan okus po jagodah”

countryIrena B., 24.02.2023
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countryMarijeta N., 03.02.2023
countryMarijeta N., 03.02.2023

“excellent dressing, full-taste. You can use it in many different ways!”

“odličen preliv, polnega okusa. Lahko ga uporabiš na več različnih načinov!”

countrykarin r., 03.02.2023
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“Very good”

“Zelo dobro”

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“Fantastic taste”

“Fantastičen okus”

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