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Baking necessities

Baking necessities

BAM Confectionery products are introduced. Here you will find a wide selection of accessories and ingredients for creating with chocolate. To make your chocolate confectionery even better and even sweeter!

Before you start baking, here are three chocolate tips for baking confectionery. Tip 1: We really can't imagine making confectionery without baking chocolate. Pre-purchase tip: Check the ingredients on the packaging beforehand. Tip 2: Because of the sugar in milk chocolate, you need to be very careful when heating it, as it can burn quickly. It is easiest to use in recipes where there is no baking, such as toppings for already baked desserts or as a filling in desserts. Tip 3: White chocolate should not be used in place of dark or milk chocolate in recipes as it is more sensitive to heat and will burn more quickly.

TOP 5 baking products: